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When Souls Collide, Chapter 10, Part 2

Will be out today, but I wanted to get this post out to all of you.

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***Warning. The following story contains erotic elements, explicit language and violence. Read at your own risk.***

Tesza sat naked, wrapped in the blanket, watching as Ursus dropped his clothing, piece by piece. Their garments were wet and needed to dry. She’d had no choice but to remove them.
She could have him. She had the fruit nut, she could cure him. Would her family, the clans even know?
But if she gave him the cure, then her people wouldn’t have a defense. She’d hurt Jarod further, something she’d never intended. Even in his absence, she couldn’t get him off her mind. She was caught in the middle of a hopeless game of tug-o-war. Her heart and soul pulled both ways, making her feel as though they would shred apart. Who to love, who to betray. She couldn’t have both.
Tesza jumped to her feet and pulled the blanket tighter, pacing back and forth in front of the fire. She’d spent her entire life preparing for a moment like this, and now that it was here… She glanced over her shoulder. No.
He came up behind her and grabbed her shoulders, pulling her back against him. “Stop acting like a caged animal. I won’t do anything you don’t want.”
“Then let me go.”
“That, I can’t do.” He turned her around and backed her across the cave to the blanket spread before the fire. “Even if I wanted too.”
“I want to sleep. I’m tired.”
Ursus brushed her hair out of her face and stared into her eyes. “If that is what you want.”
She nodded. She couldn’t do it. Even knowing the cure was within arm’s reach.
He lowered her to the blanket and pulled her to her side and against his chest. His heart beat against her back and his breath tickled her neck. She shoved her elbow into his gut. He grunted and tightened his hold.
“Back off.” She couldn’t think with him so close, needing space to resist.
Ursus growled, hooked her leg and rolled her to her back, pinning her under his naked weight. His erection pressed against her hip. Tesza shoved on his shoulders.
“Get off.”
“No.” His eyes grew darker.
“You said you wouldn’t do anything I didn’t want.”
“You want.”
She shoved again then smacked his shoulder. “No.”
Tesza bucked up and shoved on his hips rolling him off. He grabbed her as he went, taking her over, across the floor of the cave. She landed belly down on the bare dirt, his hard body pressed against her back. This time his cock was pressed against her ass.
“Get the fuck off me. I won’t be responsible for infecting you and your people.”
He rocked back pulling her to her knees and ran his hands up and down her body, stopping to cup her breasts. His cock slid against her lips. Tesza sucked in a breath. Heat centered between her thighs, and an ache started. She had to break contact, stop this before it went too far. Tesza grabbed his pinkie finger, pried his hand off and rolled out of his grasp, ending on her feet facing him.
He rose to his full height and strode forward, his jaw twitched and his eyes shot bolts through her. She dodged around the fire and snatched his lazr’ out of his discarded holster, leveling it at him.
“Get back.”
In three strides he was in front of her, knocking the lazr’ out of her hand. It flew across the cave and crashed against the wall. “Don’t run from me.”
“Don’t touch me.” Tesza backed up a step. Ursus moved forward and she kicked him in the thigh, hitting a nerve and dropping him to the floor of the cave. He snagged her ankle, yanking her feet out from under her. She landed with a loud oomph. Ursus threw his body on top of her, grabbing a handful of hair on both sides of her head, lifting her to meet his gaze. “You can’t deny you want me.”
Tesza stared into his eyes, then reached up and pulled him into a kiss. She bit his bottom lip and tried to buck up again.
Ursus grabbed her hands and slammed them over her head. His knee shoved her thighs apart. “Stop resisting.”
“Get off.”
He lowered his mouth and kissed her. She could feel his erection pressed against her. One sharp thrust and he’d be in her, but he held back. The ache began to build. Heat and energy rocketed through her blood. Her pulse picked up and lava flowed through her veins.
She brought both legs up and wrapped them around his hips, pulling him in closer, tighter. He held back, refusing to enter her.
“You want me. I can see it in your eyes. Tell me no and I’ll stop,” he said.
“I’ll kill you.”
“Like I don’t fucking know.” He kissed her again, pressing the back of her hands against the sandy floor. “Say no, Tesza.” His warm breath washed over her face. The heat of it, his body, sent tremors through her.
The ache intensified.
“I want you.” She had the cure, why should she care? Her clan had cast her out to die. Her body was past caring, her mind fogged with adrenaline from the struggle.
“You’re certain?”
He released her hands and she laced her fingers in his hair. “I swear to the gods, if you don’t do it now, I’ll never give you another chance,” Tesza said.
Ursus thrust inside her. Tesza screamed from the force of it. She’d expected the pain, but she hadn’t expected the other part. Love. Gods, she loved him. Nothing had ever felt so beautiful.
The ache exploded, morphing into something else. Energy pulsed through her body like a shockwave. He withdrew and did it again and again. She couldn’t take him deep enough to satisfy it.
The world around her began to spin. Tesza arched up meeting him with like force, knowing there was nothing she could or would do to change the future, wanting only this moment forever.
“I claim you as my wife, my mate.”
Tesza’s eyes snapped open. His wife? She cried out as an orgasm hit, pulling her deeper into madness, making her forget for the moment she belonged to another. Stars exploded around her and she felt her soul link to his and part of his thread into hers. Their energies snapped taunt and locked together for what she knew would be eternity.
He hadn’t lied. Their souls collided with such force she could barely breathe, yet he continued to take her. Over and over. Deeper. Marking her, owning her.
One last hard thrust and he came. The power of it pushed her into another orgasm. She screamed and arched into him, devouring the moment, knowing with a certainty she’d betray her people to save him.
Knowing she could do nothing else.
Ursus’s chest rose and fell. He relaxed on his elbows, remaining inside her and pressed his forehead to hers. “You can’t leave me, you’re tied to me. You belong to me.”
“Ursus…” Tesza sucked in a breath. She should tell him but couldn’t. She knew in that moment she belonged to him as much as she did Jarod. Forever the three souls would be linked. For good or evil.
“We’ll go back in the morning.”
Tesza nodded, too exhausted to say anything further. The collision had drained her. She glanced off to the side at a split fruit and reached out, scooping the pit from the floor. Tesza slipped it into his hand and pushed his fingers closed over it. Her eyes searched his as she sold her people out.
Could she run away with him? Would his people accept her? Her eyes slid shut and she drifted off, barely aware that Ursus rolled to his back and rested her across his chest. Tomorrow she’d face the consequences. Tonight, she’d be the woman in his arms and nothing more.
“My love. My mate,” he murmured and all consciousness slipped into a fog.

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