Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dear Santa, I have one wish this Christmas...

Dear Santa,

What should I write beside buy my books? Nah, that’s an awfully selfish thing and I have faith folks will do this anyway. Okay, let’s see…

Hmm, it’s been a long time since I wrote you a letter—even longer since I thought of you as an actual being that could affect change in the universe, but this year especially, there are a few things I’d like. Don’t worry about room in the sleigh. These won’t take up much space.

I’d like my friends and loved ones who have been battling cancer this year to be cured. I’d like for them to live long, healthy, happy lives with nothing but time on their hands. Life is, after all, extremely short in the grand scheme. They are entitled to every bit of it.

I’d like a return of common decency and manners in the world. This past year has shown a very ugly side to human nature in how folks react and interact with each other. Somewhere in your magical realm, wave a wand over these disgruntled people and show them that sometimes it’s not about them and being nice and polite will move them forward in life infinitely faster. Also, saying thank you is about the most powerful thing a person can say.

I’d like to see an end to childhood hunger in the coming year, Santa. Living in one of the most powerful nations on the planet doesn’t do much good if thousands of children go hungry each year. This is very sad to me. Everyone should have a full belly.

And Santa, I know there are plenty of talented folks out there who can’t catch a break while folks with mediocre talent and less drive or sincerity reap the rewards of this entitlement age. I’d like to see a shift in the prevailing attitudes this coming year. Give the glory to people who do the work not to the ones who complain.

I’d like the service men and women overseas to come home to their loved ones this year. Enough is enough, Santa. The lessons they were sent to teach are not being learned and the danger is increasing. Send them your magical reindeer and guide them back home.

Oh, dear jolly man, I’m sure you’re in agreement with me when I say that everyone deserves the right to have health care of some kind. It’s a basic need in the human condition. Why is this a problem, Santa? Maybe you could give the suits in Washington an epiphany under their tree, to stop arguing and start doing? The nation can’t repair itself if it’s too sick to get stronger.

I’d like the world to realize that a book is a book whether in print or digital format. Isn’t the fact they’re words to be read a miracle unto itself? I’m sure you are thrilled books now come in bits and bytes. The cut down in sleigh weigh is probably most welcome this time of year—not to mention it saves the trees.

And Santa? I think if everyone had more chocolate, the world would be a much nicer place.

One last thing. I believe Dickens had it right when he said there is too much greed, avarice and uncaring in the world, but I also believe—like Obi Wan—that there is still good in us all. Santa, lay a finger on the side of your nose and help people remember the journey isn’t about tearing down those around them. It’s about lifting up and learning. It’s about the joy of the path and the pride in a job well done. It’s about lending a helping hand and love. It’s about kindness, most of all.

And if you are indeed like that long time ago editor told Virginia O’Hanlan, and you are nothing more than a feeling or a sense of love in the world, then these things that I’ve asked you for shouldn’t be hard to accomplish.

They are such tiny things, Santa, but they have the ability to grow into something very big if we can all remember. And maybe that’s what we all need after all. A constant reminder of the Golden Rule, a memory jog to just be nice in a world gone mad.

Merry Christmas, Santa. And happy holidays to everyone out there reading. I hope the next two weeks are full of warm fuzzies and that when you’re looking forward to 2011, you’ll keep a few of these things in mind and on your heart.

Pay it forward. That’s my ultimate wish for this Christmas season.

Much love,


P.S. One tiny little thing. Please fix the Syfy channel and have them bring back actual sci-fi programming.


BLHmistress said...

I could say it better myself. Hoping someone listens and we can have a better world and love and kindness is shown brightly again.

Thank you for such a inspiring post may more people feel the same way.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Oh and yes I agree with you on the Scfy channel too- though my son loves that wrestling is on there now lol.

Sandra Sookoo said...

Thanks! :-)

Annie Nicholas said...

Well done, Sandi.