Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The hot and not of 2010...

...from my point of view.

I thought today would be a fun time to review what I liked or didn't like about this last year. I had originally intended to post my goals for 2011 but that will now be done next week :-)

2010 Fails

Sarah Palin and her family taking over reality shows
Side antennas on the iPhone
Marie Claire hating on curvy girls
Pedophiles on Amazon
Summer drought/Winter snow dumps
Authors behaving badly on public networks
Having our car held hostage for 6 weeks because of mechanic error
Aarti on the Food Network & her bad Indian food
rejections on projects I cared about
Brand new dolphin baby at the Indy Zoo dying

2010 Wins

Mayhem commercials for insurance
Reader letters saying they loved Wedgie Tales and Panty Lines
Oprah finally retiring
Warehouse 13 and Pysch
Seeing four of my books in print
Meeting new friends and colleagues on Twitter
The hubs and I meeting our bills and being able to go on vacation to Disney
8 years of marriage
Cheetahs at the Indy Zoo
Friendships that were deepened
unexpected new paths opening up

I know to you it probably doesn’t mean all that much but these are just some of the things that made an impact with me this year.

And, if you received a shiny new e-reader for Christmas (or even if you have one but it’s not new) I invite you to pop over to my website and browse my books. I have something for everyone. It’s been a good year publishing wise.

Hope your 2011 starts off with a bang!


Nerine Dorman said...

Cheetahs are rather lovely. Never make the mistake of running in a cheetah enclosure, however. I speak from personal experience. **grins**

Sandra Sookoo said...

LOL Nerine, my zoo got in 5 of the cats at the end of May. They're very stately and very intense. I spend endless hours watching them during the warm months.