Thursday, December 9, 2010

Is That a Bah-Humbug I Hear?

If anyone hasn't noticed yet, the holidays are here. To be honest, I'm not ready. See, every year my daughter had a big competition the first weekend in December. It moves around each year so it can be anywhere from Texas, to Florida, to Virginia. Leading up to this week are two weeks of hell. It puts St Pat's day around our house to shame. Practice, rehearsals, etc. keep this house hopping from just before Thanksgiving to about right now. I don't even shop for groceries during that time period because it's pointless. Usually only one of us is home and it's usually me--I do peanut butter or mac n cheese just fine. But it also means I still haven't decorated for the holidays. We're all exhausted (still catching up from the excitement of the past weekend at the comp where she did extremely well) and the last thing I want to do is drag out boxes and fancy up the house only to have to take it all down again in three weeks.

What about you? Have you decorated for the holidays yet?


Sandra Sookoo said...

No decorations up here yet. Got back from vacation Sunday then promptly came down with a cold. No energy to do anything let alone fool with cobweb covered boxes or fuss with the tree. Maybe we'll just slap a foil star on the wingback chair (it's green) and call it a day LOL

Sara Brookes said...

Hey, works for me!