Thursday, December 23, 2010

When You Can't Imagine It

I'm aggressively fighting a sinus infection right now, so excuse me if I ramble a bit. My days right now pretty much consist of work and bed. Sucks being sick during the holidays because I have so much to do.

This year has been one that I couldn't have even imagined. Things have happened to me that I never even thought would be possible:

I became a published author. Amazing in it's own right, but I even managed to do it a few times over. Which just blows my mind.

I found a CP that I clicked with and working with her is effin' amazing. I know that doesn't always happen, so I consider myself lucky.

I ventured out into new territory and, so far, it seems to be working out extremely well. The feedback from reviewers and readers has been astounding. And I thank each and every one of you who has taken the time to send me a little note to let me know you went on the journey with me and liked it. It means a lot--more than you'll probably ever know.

I found the courage to try to branch out even more--but still waiting to hear if that little adventure is going to work out. ;^)

I got to watch my daughter achieve--and surpass--one of her dreams. Like the proud mama I am, this surpasses everything that I've achieved personally. As proud as I am of myself, I'm even more proud of her and everything she works hard for.

The holidays this year (tho I may be sick) will be a special time around our household as we celebrate achievements over the past year and those yet to come.

May your holidays be as bright.

Happy Holidays

Psst...I'm going to be holding a special contest at my blog starting on 12/26 and running 12/31.


Annie Nicholas said...

Happy Holidays, Sara!

Sounds like you need some steam, vicks, and a nice massage.

J Hali said...

Get better!

Stacey Kennedy said...

Aw, I consider myself lucky too. *hugs* And feel better..being sick during the holidays is just wrong!!

BLHmistress said...

Hope you feel better soon and have a Very Merry Christmas.