Tuesday, March 15, 2011

AHHH. I'm late.

Like Annie before me, I almost missed Tuesday today. I have an excuse. All 3 of my children have strep throat. Yes, all 3 of them. At the same time. They're all officially on antibiotic now, I have been checked--it was a negative--and we are moving forward.

Also, I have a ton on my mind right now. Including, the fact that I am going to meet Annie Nicholas and J. Hali Steele at a conference this weekend. I'm really excited. This is my very first conference--ever--so I'm nervous about it too. I'm not sure what clothes to pack.

Its not like having new things occur is all that unusual for me. Almost every day my writing takes me places I didn't expect to go. That is the cool thing about being a so-called pantser, meaning I don't pre-plot my writing.

How about all of you writers out there? Are you plotters or pantsers? And readers? What have you done lately that has been new?


Hailey Edwards said...

I am a plantser. I am a pantser by nature, but a plotter by necessity. LOL

I'm sorry the kids aren't feeling well. You'll have to give Annie a hug for me at conference. :)

Annie Nicholas said...

At least you had a good excuse. I can't wait for this weekend!