Saturday, March 19, 2011

B is for Bombshells and Brick Houses

When I say bombshell and brick house, what comes to mind? For me it’s an iconic beauty—a sexy woman. But where do these terms used to describe hot chicks come from? If you think about it, a bombshell and brick house, really aren’t that sexy, but they've come to epitomize stacked women who turn heads wherever they go.

So, where do they get their roots? When referring to a woman, the term “bombshell” comes from WWII, when men were allowed to paint sexy pinups on the sides of their bombers, vehicles and even on the bombs. This was done both to provide entertainment and boost morale. The pinups like Betty Page and Betty Grable came about when society thought displaying photos of scantily clad women, lude. (Now you know the reason I call my bombs "Betty" in Blown Away.) Instead of actual photos, women were painted and called art, a way to slip it into society without offending society’s sense of modesty.

What about being built like a brick house? Well in the United States, it means the woman isn’t skinny, but she’s also not obese. It means she’s curvy and won’t snap like a twig with a little man-handling. However, I also noticed this term is derogatory when used to describe a woman in the UK. It would be interesting to know Brit thoughts on this.

In the Seventies, there was a Disco song titled, Brick House. Is this the origins of this term? We may never know, but depending on where you live, you’re either stacked or too masculine.

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Next week I’ll be exploring C. I hope you’ll stop by to see what topic I’ve chosen—it’s a good one.

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Annie Nicholas said...

I love time during WWII, when men were men... sigh