Friday, May 27, 2011


I know, I know - merpeople, merfolk... no, no, NO! MERMEN. Okay, I will give that there are probably mermaids also. *smile*

I've written one story, have one on the back burner, and they'll all be about merMEN, men who love men. They're strong, beautiful, sexy, and just plain wonderful. They have the advantage of being able to live on land, but they need the water to revive themselves. In my mind they were different if born in a cold climate versus a hot climate. The cold water mers are very big, muscular and blond, the warm water mers are not as big, didn't need the muscle to help fight the cold, so they're more sinewy and tanned with darker skin and hair -- each cannot survive for long in the other's climate.

The Gift, a short holiday story I did for Silver Publishing, started it all. Here's a snippet:

     “Who else is here?” The unmistakable scent of merman lingered in the air. Rad’s nose wrinkled as he sniffed loudly at the cool, fresh, tangy smell of sea salt invading the room. Similar, but so different from Cray.
     “Quinn came down, needed a place to stay for a bit.”
     “What is it with you guys? Can’t any of you stay out of trouble? It must be the cold.” Rad shook his head and grabbed his slacks. Pulling them up, he said, “You could have told me earlier. What if he’d walked in?”
     Cray chuckled. “He smelled us, and wouldn’t dare interrupt. The consequences would be deadly.”
     “That’s what I mean. You’re combative, all the time.” His butt rested against the back of the sofa, and he pulled Cray between his legs and pinched his nipples hard. His lover’s cock was already at half mast and rising quickly. “That’s twice you’ve laughed tonight. What’s going on?”
     “You guys done?” Both heads swiveled toward the door. One word spoken together, “No.”
     Quinn laughed. “Hold it for later, I’m famished. Want to take a dip?”
     Blue eyes bore into Rad from both men, and he shivered. The air had already grown chilly, and he wanted a hot bath. “Don’t let me stop you.”
     Crayton was already naked, and Quinn didn’t take long getting out of his clothes. Mer weren’t shy about their beautiful bodies. He was a big man, almost as huge as Cray. They came bigger from the north, and the muscle helped protect them from the cold. His hair wasn’t as light, but like all northerners, it was blond and if that didn’t say enough, he had blue eyes that would have been a dead giveaway.
     And then there was that fresh, icy scent they all exuded. Each different, yet similar.
     Quinn fidgeted from foot-to-foot, peering at Rad. “Hot as hell in here. Don’t know how you stand it, man.” Silver dots of light danced from his aqua eyes when he turned to look at Cray. “Did you tell him?”
     “Tell me what?” Rad asked.
     “Shut the fuck up, Quinn.”
     “Sorry, forgot you two do the holiday thing.”
     “Wait until we reach the lake, you’re in for it, bastard.”
     “Hey, said I was sorry.”
     Rad grew anxious, and his golden lights vied with the silver flashing around the room. Laser-like points of light glanced from the walls. Part of their vision process, these rays allowed mer to see better when they swam deep into the darkness of ocean waters. Though they could control it, among their own kind they didn’t bother. “Somebody want to tell me what’s going on?”
     Cray twisted around and looked at him mysteriously. “Later, get your hot bath. We won’t be long.”
     There was no point in arguing with Cray. He’d tell him whatever it was when he was ready, not a minute before. He should be glad that he seemed happier, more animated than Rad had ever seen him.
     Especially knowing this would be their last holiday together.

I can't wait to finish Quinn's story... and yes, he went south too!!

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out.-© J. Hali Steele

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