Sunday, May 29, 2011

My interesting experience with mermaids!!

Wow, this has been a fabulous month! I've loved celebrating supernatural beings and sharing why we love them, and what it is about them that intrigues us. The last post for Monster May Mash is about Mermaids. I have no experience with them, and haven't written about our water friends, but I do have something to share...

Have you ever seen this movie?

Of course you have! You hasn't watched the classic, The Little Mermaid! Well, when my daughter was around two and half this was one of the first movies she ever watched. I was so excited, really jumping out of my skin to share this movie with her, and see how much she'd love it. I will admit, the experience was slightly disappointing. Why you ask? It's simple--we curled up and watched it together, and suddenly, my daughter looks at me and says, "Oh look, it's you, mommy."

Imagine my horror when I see this on the screen....

Needless to say, we stay away from mermaid movies, and maybe that's why I've never written or read a mermaid story!!

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