Monday, May 9, 2011

Vampires Are To Die For

Someone recently asked me when did I start liking vampires. My response? When haven't I loved vampires?

I can remember as a little girl all my friends wanted to be princesses or witches on Halloween. I wanted to be a vampire. When a few coins fell into my pockets and I was allowed to go to the corner store, I always made sure to buy a set of plastic vampire teeth.

As a teenager my girlfriends would run to see the lastest chick flick and I would go with the boys to the latest sci-fi/monster/slasher film. I'm still like that. LOL

I was into monsters WAY before I found the romance genre! Vampire always intrigued me. I like it when they're portrayed as smarter than mortal men. Dark and sinister, are they really evil? Is it their fault they thirst for blood? It's like blaming a predator for hunting prey.

If you're into vampires as much as I am then check out my Angler series.

What's drawn you to our blood lusting dark princes?

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Hailey Edwards said...

I'm the same way-minus the slasher flicks, as I am 1/2 chicken on my father's side. I gotta say, biting is sexy. I credit fangs with my love of vamps, among other things. ;)