Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Do you have Nightmares?

I used to have so many nightmares as a child, its amazing I ever slept at all. As an adult, I've taken the frightening and made them my heroes. Vampires. Werewolves. But dare I go a step further?

Now, I can watch almost any movie without issues except for movies about possessions. Now, I know there are writers out there making devils their heroes but so far I've not walked that line. Why? Not because I am religious or have any aversion to doing so but because I am afraid to even let myself think about it long enough to contemplate such an idea. I mean, have you seen Paranormal Activity?? AHHHH.

But in all seriousness, what frightens you?


D L Jackson said...


Eyes staring in my windows from outside.

Looking in a mirror and having someone else stare back.

The scent of perfume, or aftershave and a whisper that come from behind you when you're alone.

Walking in the woods alone at night (Did this in the Army. Trust me it's creepy)

A child's laughter or cry, when no children are in the house.

Annie Nicholas said...

Blogger just ate my reponse. :/

The possession thing frightens me the most as well.

I hate the idea of being lost in the woods. It plays in my mind constantly whenever I'm in one. Ever see the movie Evil Dead? Enough said.

I also have had a bat phobia ever since one chased me through the freaking house. LOL