Friday, November 18, 2011

It's Friday


Skinny jeans, skinny drinks, skinny diets, skinny people - lots of skinny things. I found something the other day that really intrigued me - skinny houses!

I live in a very old (built in the early 1900s) drafty, little house. I mean little. Hell, there's only room for me and the cats. Not a lot of space to clean which makes me wonder why the hairnballs... well, that's another story and I don't want to get off track. These homes really give new meaning to the word. Imagine living in one of these:

... and going to the bathroom here. Where's the tub, or shower? Cooking in the pictured kitchen would require very compact movements.
This one is cool, wonder how many apartments are in there?

These homes must be very economical and I really like the one with the rounded sides and all the windows. I'd certainly enjoy that view! But, could a really big bear topple me over the hill? Of course, there'd be no falling out of bed. Hmm, wonder how big the bed is... probably big enough, huh? *grin*

Have a great weekend!

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out.-J. Hali Steele


Sheri Fredricks said...

I'm speechless. I've never seen anything like the pictures you posted. Huh.

Annie Nicholas said...

I could happily live in the white one in the desert hills.

Joann said...

Sheri, I've seen some that come dang close in older cities!

Annie, I LOVE that house. Open the windows, put a fan blowing at one end, sucking at the other, and POOF- hairballs and dust all gone!