Monday, November 14, 2011


Much like a cake, while editing a story a writer adds layers to make a finished product. After the first draft is done, the writer goes back, reading through the manuscript checking for the lack of description, emotion, continuity.

Each one of us has a weak spot. Something we all miss. So, when I return to layer it's to add emotion and more internal thoughts. When I finish a first draft, my story is so superficial, my characters are very two dimensional. It's on the second and sometimes a third pass of layering that bring it to life.


It's what I've been doing for two weeks now. I very tired of layering. LOL  I'm not a baker! There's no end in sight either. I can't wait to write new words.

I've read that Nora Roberts and Maya Banks write clean first drafts. How? I'd love to not have to layer anymore. Guess it's a learning curve.


kyrias said...

My first draft of Estyria, my friend told me was unreadable. I scrapped that 62k and rewrote from scratch. The second 82k my ex-editor friend told me was frankly too lacking for her to be capable of critting it. My third rewrite, again from scratch, she said was "readable". From this and from what you said about la nora and la banks -- it's probably just practice. You get better at knowing what goes into the cake and what you haven't put in while you're making the cake instead of painstakingly going over it afterwards to put in filling, slathering on icing to hide the cracks, and so forth. I've read your word sprints snippets and I really think you're well on your way. :) We'll all get there some day.

Sheri Fredricks said...

*Hands Annie a cookie and mug of coffee* I'm coming up on the end of week one of my edits as well. Tightening, slice & dice, increase an emotion... and I know at the very least there's another week of this to go. *looks in the liquor cabinet*

Chin up and grin. We love what we do, right? Nice post, very timely for me!

D L Jackson said...

I'm there with you, but I'm editing a story to fit a world. Driving me crazy, but I think I finally got it.