Monday, January 16, 2012

It's Cold Out There

It's 2 degrees today.

Sure it looks pretty but it sucks to be out in it.

Where even your winter gear does nothing for you chattering teeth.

Why can't I be here?

Doing this or...


And watching them.

Maybe next winter.


Faith said...

I'm with you! However, we've had very li'l snow. It's been rain and mud. Ugh!

Becca Dale said...

We have been dry and I hate it - I want lots of snow. I must admit though that I love to go to Mexico in the heart of the winter. If you have not tried Cozumel, I would highly recommend it. One side of the island is refined and geared for the resorts. The other side is wild and rough and quite simply breathtaking. It is the best of both worlds and the whole fried fish on the wild side is to die for. Thanks for the pics - they are lovely, Annie.

Annie Nicholas said...

It's so cold my dog doesn't want to go out. LOL