Thursday, March 15, 2012

Married to a Book Addict - Part 2

Expanding a bit on my post from last week - being married to a book addict. Last week dealt with both of us reading the same book.

In addition to flying through books, my husband also reads my books. To be honest, it's unsettling. He hadn't had a lot of time to do it lately--in fact, the last book he read of mine was Ragged Edge, after I finished the first draft around August of 2010--because he'd been working on a specialization certificate for his job. But he's freed up a bit now with those classes starting to wind down and when I told him I'd finished up a book recently, he asked to read it. He is responsible for pushing me to write and subsequently submit Hardware in April of 2010 (so if you loved that book, you can thank my husband!).

Most probably think this is really cool. And it is, in a way. As I said, it's also unsettling--even after all this time.

If you've never had the experience before, imagine the love of your life sitting beside you in bed, ereader in hand, flipping pages on YOUR book. They make a noise, a gesture and you now analyze every single thing they do or say because you're wondering if its related to YOUR book.

That aside, I do trust his judgement. He's helped me through sticky plot points on several books and is a good sounding board for characters and worlds that he knows nothing about. Sometimes that's a great thing because it gives me someone with a fresh outlook that I may not see because I'm too close.

That coffee/tea over a book we've both read? We'll do that when I need a brainstorming session too. I've IM'd him on more than one occasion and simply said "I need a coffee brainstorm." and then we're sitting at Starbucks, coffee for me, tea for him and a notebook between us as I try to work through sticking points.

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Layna Pimentel said...

For as much as it's unsettling I think your husbands interaction is very cool.

Oh, and thank him for me. Really loved Hardware. ;-)

Great topic, Sara!