Thursday, March 8, 2012

Married to a Book Addict

You know what the great thing about being married to another book addict is? Sharing books. Though my husband has an ereader, he rarely uses it. He's of the "I need a page to physically turn" variety. So anything we both read gets bought as a physical copy (though, I do admit, some books I buy simply because I love the cover and what to have a copy of that cover in my hands instead of a graphic on my ereader). Anyway, I digress...great thing about being married to a book addict...

The biggest thing is both reading the book and discussing it together. We have a tradition about reading J D Robb's Death books. (We've been reading them since the series started.) We both read and then go out to a coffee shop to discuss the book over coffee/tea. It's fallen to the wayside a few times because we both get busy, but we still strive to make it happen.

Another great thing? Having him ask where I am in the book, telling him and then having him get this big grin on his face.

It's the little things really.


Cara Bristol said...

That's fun that you both can share that. My husband reads voraciously, but we don't enjoy the same books at all.

Liia Ann White said...

LOL nice to know I'm not the only who buys a paperback just so I can have the pretty cover. My friend Kaz's YA sequel The Wood Queen is a PERFECT example.
BTW That's awesome. I love that you're both book lovers and read the same stuff! I'm from a family of non-readers (well, no one reads as much as me anyway) and I have no one to discuss them with *pouts*

Anonymous said...

I love that!! My husband doesn't read much of anything but the ads for Big 5 or Bass Pro Shop. lol I think it's wonderful you can share that with your honey!