Sunday, March 11, 2012

Review of Fifty Shades of Grey

Is Christian Grey the perfect hero? LORD NO! He is way too tortured to be a perfect hero, but he's Ana's perfect hero. What I LOVED about this book was the emotional depth. I loved that both characters were flawed. And Christian has major flaws! But isn't that real life? Aren't people messy? I enjoyed how the author didn't downplay his issues and wrote scenes that I've NEVER seen in a book before. Did some of them make me cringe and think, "OH MY GOD, she didn't go there?", yes of course. But heck the shock factor worked. I couldn't put this book down.

Christian in all his flaws somehow made me love him! I want him and Ana to be happy. And do I ever want him to rid those demons that keep him at such a distance. How complex was he? Dominant, at times sweet, and sometimes all I wanted to do was hug him while there were times I wanted to knock him out.

Ana I just "got". She loves Grey. Sees pasts his imperfections and wants to find a balance. I respected that about her. But I thought it was nicely done when she stands up for herself. For her to be with a man like Grey she needs a backbone and I was glad to see the author gave her one.

The BDSM scenes were smokin' HOT and as much as Christian does have a dark side I fully trusted him. He never overstepped Ana's limits and what he did do she agreed to. And that restraint in him was something that I highly approved of. He might enjoy to offer pain, but he understands limits. And that makes him a worthy Dom. While I still think this is a M/s relationship not a D/s relationship, I appreciated how detailed Grey was on the matter. Ana knew what she was getting herself into and while she has little experience, she could have left anytime she wanted to. I liked how he took her thoughts into consideration and altered the agreement to what she wanted. There is something so captivating about how they are learning together. She's accepting for him and he does the same in return. I like this...A LOT!

I'll admit that there were so many words in this book that I had no idea what they meant. LOL! Where was my dictionary when I needed it? And it was slightly odd for it to be so "British" although the story was set in the US. But I'll tell you this, Ms. James has a voice that is beyond powerful. I couldn't stop reading once I started and I just HAD to know what happened. She's got quite the gift!!

Now onto the next!!!


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