Monday, September 10, 2012

On top of the world ...

Well, sorta. I mean, I guess Mount Everest is technically the top of the world right?

I'm a born and raised city girl. I grew up just outside of Toronto. The great lakes, are a bit of a step. Lake Superior Trickles down into Lake Michigan and Lake Huron, Lake Huron trickles down into Lake Erie and via Niagara Falls Lake Erie feeds into Ontario which winds its way out to sea via the St. Lawrence river.

Where I live, I'm pretty close to sea level. Closer than Alberta.

One thing I noticed driving out west was the climb. It started in Minnesota after we crossed the Mississippi.

The climb was gradual, but I felt it. My ears, they were popping.

And then, I got to see mountains. For the first time in my LIFE. I've never seen them. NEVER.

They were absolutely beautiful.

But I'm terrified of heights. YEP.

The first set of mountains we saw were the Black Hills. OMG. The road up to Mount Rushmore was beautiful, but DUDE I didn't realize it was such a steep climb up a mountain to see the famous four. I was clenching. Once we were at the top though it was worth it! This is my DH and kids. My youngest did this pose with his Daddy and I was so glad I was snapping the pics when he did this. I heart it muchly.

And then we hit Montana. This was the first glimpse of SNOW capped mountains. I was so excited.

I just have to say I absolutely and utterly feel head over heels in love with Montana. I want to go back. I'd go back in a second. If I wasn't Canadian, I'd move there if I could. LOVED IT!

Finally, in Alberta we came to Jasper National Park and I got to get up close and personal with the mountains.

This is one of Canada's most famous lakes, Lake Maligne. It was a bit windy or I would've got a picture perfect reflection. Gorgeous.

Of course, being in Jasper I had to face the inevitable. A go to the top of a mountain. EEK!

And here I am. At the top. Facing one of my worst fears.

So, this summer I faced a fear and made a dream come true seeing mountains.

Have you ever faced your fear? If so what?

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