Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A man with no name?

Today is release day for me! I love release day, especially since today one of my favourite heroes to-date is being released.

Warrior Unbound is out from Ellora's Cave for their Hex Appeal series.

As for a hero with no name, it's true. I can't even tell you his name because he doesn't have one! He's the first hero I wrote who has no name at all. Which was tricky. Very tricky. He's simply known as the Warrior, because that was his destiny for centuries. A protector.

Hattie isn’t the best medicine woman in her order, but when an ancient evil threatens to escape, she’s the only one available to perform the spell to wake the great stone warrior from his slumber. Problem is, she’s not sure if she really believes in it, especially since the key component of the spell is her soul-shattering orgasm.

When the Warrior is summoned once again he is pleasantly surprised by the medicine woman who has called him, and has no problem giving her the pleasure she needs to complete the banishment spell, but something goes wrong. He still remains in the mortal realm instead of returning to stone. To make matters worse, he remembers nothing except the taste of the medicine woman on his lips.

They have two weeks before the new moon to fulfill the prophecy and they spend every moment wrapped up in each other, lost in passion. But time is ticking and there’s a price to pay for saving the world—one that may turn her stone Warrior to dust.

I loved writing this book. Loved it, in spite of the fact he had no name. I also got to name my heroine Hattie, which is named after one my favourite British actresses from the Carry On films Hattie Jacques.

Something else I loved about writing this book is its setting. It's set in North Bay, Ontario where I spent many, many summers and where my DH proposed to me. He got down on one knee on the shores of Lake Nipissing and asked me to marry him. He took me to North Bay because he knew how much I love the Canadian north, where my father's roots are from.

In two days time the DH & I are celebrating our 10th Anniversary.

So the release of this book is special to me on so many levels. My favourite Hero, the heroine has a name I've adored for so long, my favourite location and close to a special earmark in my life.

I hope you enjoy Warrior Unbound!

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