Friday, October 26, 2012

Guest blogger: Sandra Jones

One of the most haunted countries in the world is Wales, the birthplace of many modern Halloween traditions--which is why the English hero of my time travel romance, MOONLIGHT MADNESS, wants to stay the hell away from it! Unfortunately, a Druid curse has sent the 17th century viscount ahead in time to modern Wales, and now the notorious rake must brave the curse, Wales, and the wrath of a 21st century woman to return home.

I’m not very superstitious, but maybe I would be if I’d lived in the 1600’s. Rance Kingsley, the lusty viscount in MOONLIGHT MADNESS, believes in signs and portents. When he’s told only his soulmate can break the curse, he does what every red-blooded male in his position would do: makes love to every woman who catches his eye (hey, he takes his curses seriously!). Until he meets his match in the one lady who refuses to have him.

While visiting Wales, Rance Kingsley, Viscount Waldenham, receives a warning that his daughter will soon be kidnapped by Spanish enemies. Before he can aid
her, Rance tumbles into a mysterious portal to the future. His only hope is to find his soulmate, the key to returning. However his curse continues when all signs point to Tess Hartman, a straight-laced teacher, as his match. After a cheating boyfriend, the only male Tess wants in her life is Dante, a troubled teen she would like to adopt. To bond with the boy, Tess brings him on a class field trip to
Britain. But the Shakespeare experience becomes too real when sexy, eccentric Rance seduces her. When Tess falls for Rance's kisses and travels with him across four centuries, she's convinced he's made a mistake. How could she love a man who deceived her, separating her from everything she cares about, a man with MOONLIGHT MADNESS

To celebrate the early Kindle release of MOONLIGHT MADNESS, I’m giving away a signed print copy of the first book in the Circle of Destiny series, WISH FOR THE MOON--the prequel to MOONLIGHT MADNESS--to one lucky commenter!

MOONLIGHT MADNESS is available in October on Kindle.

About the author:

Sandra Jones is the author of time-travel, paranormal, and historical romances published by Avon Impulse and The Wild Rose Press. She’s worked as a bookseller and a librarian, where she first indulged in her love of books.

Sandra loves to hear from her readers: visit her website


Liz S. said...

What a delightful premise for your story! It looks very enticing. Thanks for the giveaway.

Christyne Butler said...

Congats on the early Kindle release of Moonlight Madness!

As one of Sandra's crit partners I was lucky enough to read both these books while in the making and believe me, her heroes in so the best terific and yummy way!

Off to do some downloading!!

Tina Beckett said...

Sandi, you already know how much I love this book! Huge congratulations on its release.

Sandra Jones said...

Aw, thanks so much!! And thanks, Voirey, for having me!