Monday, October 29, 2012

When the Story Is There...and When It's Not...

I am one of those people that when you tell me to do something, I'm all on it. Right there, I'll get it done. Why? Because I hate having things linger. Well, some things. Kisses should linger. Good stories should linger. To do lists? Those shouldn't linger.

I have a reminder set up every month to let me know that it's my turn to blog here at Paranormal Romantics. It's quite nice. Plus, then I can't say I forgot.

But stories are a little different. I like to write more than one at a time. That's great because when one story stops flowing, I let it simmer and move on to another one. That works well, until both stop. Then it's like the train coming off the tracks. Anyone have that happen? You're chugging along nicely and then...WHAM! Nothing.

I'm kinda there. Kinda because I have one story that needs to be done. Its due for a January release (I think), but there's one scene I keep seeing, but when I sit down to write's not happening. That wouldn't be a deal if the deadline wasn't there.

Oh and there's another story brewing. Yep. But where the one is MF, the other is MM and I don't know about you, but that takes a bit of switching gears for me. The characters are totally different, the settings aren't the same and well, two men together don't romance like a guy and a girl. A girl, or at least in the case of these two stories, the girl isn't like the two guys in the MM story. Nope. Total game change. So...

One story is all there. While the other is sort of there. One scene from being done, there. I know, I know. What a problem to have...two stories at the same time. Quit complaining, right? I'm not complaining, just asking if anyone else has these issues? As much as they can be a pain, they're rather nice problems to have. I'd rather have the stories in my head, instead of none at all. That would totally suck. So let me know. Am I alone in this? No? Yes? Hush? Let me know.


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