Monday, April 8, 2013

On the Small Screen

In January, I had a lot of reading time—it was the beginning of the semester, so my graduate classes didn’t have much homework yet, and my teaching job was still feeling pretty light after the holiday break. So I read almost 30 books in 30 days, and still had time to write.

February and March, though, not so much. Due dates have arrived. The teaching job has gotten more intense as we get closer to mid-year assessments. Not as much reading time. Or any, really. But I have been able to carve out some television time. That, I can turn on while I’m doing homework or lesson planning.

So what have I been watching?

Game of Thrones (season one rewatch)
Dresden Files (the entire single season)
Lost Girl (mid-way through the second season)

(Okay, I’ve also been watching White Collar, Suits, Criminal Minds, and Justified but those don’t seem quite as blog-appropriate.)

I’ve discovered that I really love twisty anti-heroes and characters with conflicted loyalties. I also love complex character arcs, layered plots, and unresolved sexual tension.

I’ve also discovered that unfinished and forgotten plot threads drive me batty. I end up going to sleep at night, stewing about those forgotten threads, telling stories in my head to resolve them.

...which is probably why Anah and I have a “to be written” story idea file 15 pages long...

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