Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cover Me

The new blog admin suggested that I write a post on doing my own covers. My policy on that is that a prudent person doesn't say no to the boss without cause, which I don't have.

So, first a tiny bit of personal bio. I started out with brush and canvas as a hobby then moved into computer assisted graphic arts when I began illustrating Seasons of the Witch calendars and planners in 2000, which I still do, by the way.

Everything you've ever heard about the importance of cover is true.

In July of 2012, I met Mark Coker, founder and CEO of Smashwords, at the RWA convention in L.A. He showed how a book that was practiclly lying dormant spiked way up on the charts after being pulled and reintroduced with a sexy, shady new cover. Nothing about the book had changed. Just the cover. That made a huge impression on me.

I think the latest research shows that we have something like seven seconds (max) to capture a potential reader's attention. So, does cover count? Oh, yeah.

When I'm designing a new cover, I test it visually for a range of different factors including how well it stands out as a thumb nail. You know the Amazon best seller and also-bought lists? It's important that my cover draw the eye and that's not usually a problem.

For other authors, I do subscribe to the branding approach to covers. If you can find one cover artist and stay with them it would be good, because a consistent look promotes your brand as a writer.

As it turns out, my readers like my covers as a rule. In fact signed prints of the covers are popular prizes for giveaways.

What's next?

On December 8th, the box set of Books 1-6, of the serial saga, The Order of the Black Swan, will release at limited, introductory pricing. It will be available for preorder on B&N, Apple, and Smashwords by mid November. The set will include previously unreleased BOOK SIX.

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Veronica Scott said...

Thanks for sharing! You have such dramatic, striking covers....

Laurel Johnson said...

So much talent!! Love your covers. Moonlight is my favorite!!

Maureen said...

Wow! Your covers are gorgeous! Such talent!