Friday, October 4, 2013

Do you believe in magic?

I’m no magician.  For a short time when my twins were little I could pretend I was.  Able to pull off amazing feats such as looking with the eyes in the back of my head (spoiler: look for reflection off of television screen or microwave) or opening the mom-mobile with a wave of my hand (spoiler: automatic sliding doors) so that I’d turn to them and their little mouths would be in two tiny double “o” ‘s in total awe of these amazing feats…but alas, at the ripe old age of twelve I no longer know anything considered magical in their eyes.

I can’t pull off the most basic magic trick because I have the worst poker face and can’t tell a lie while looking someone in the eye…but, I believe in magic.  Be it the extravagant shows that leave you guessing how they made that disappear to the mysterious beauty of a rainbow or just wondering how in the world a fax is possible.  It’s the little things that make the ordinary world just a little bit extraordinary.
The Guineas in their costumes
When I write I have to sprinkle in just a little magic.  I’ve tried to keep it out but before I know it the heroine is doing something that hey you never know, could just be real, but it really doesn’t jive in most people’s definition of the normal world. I love seeing that part of the world.  Seems that many people do, that’s why this month young and old alike will be  having fun dressing up as something they’re not, or might wish to be, but most will be looking at the world with a little more acceptance and maybe…just might…let in a little magic.  

Want a quick read to get into the spirit? Here’s a blurb for That Magic Moment:

Can love cross the boundaries mortals have erected to reject all that cannot be explained?
As the last witch in the Turner line, Celeste doesn’t know if she’s finally found true love or if her grandma cast a love spell to continue the Turner line. Dane Johns is a man not easily forgotten, but that’s exactly what Celeste plans to do. Because he has one big flaw. He’s a mortal.
Dane Johns doesn’t know it but he’s under a spell, and Celeste Turner is the cure. Mysteriously healing his injury while captivating his heart, Dane is enchanted. Although once he discovers Celeste’s secret he must decide if he’s charmed enough to not only accept love into his life, but the world of magic.


Veronica Scott said...

Welcome to our new Contributor Maureen Bonatch! Enjoyed the post - I love magic :-)

Diane Burton said...

It's amazing how quickly moms lose their magic. LOL Love your cover. Best wishes.

Maureen said...

Thanks Veronica and Diane! I'm thrilled to be here. Yes, I'm waiting for the day when I might 'know' something again for my girls, I figure that will be in about 10 years or so lol