Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Greetings at Halloween

My Paranormal Roots

This is my first post on Paranormal Romantics so I thought I would do a bit of an introduction.

I had a much older brother (still have him, actually) and he had a love for horror comics. Scary, bloody, violent, black and white drawings where the mean boy got shut up inside the Iron Maiden. I would sneak them and enjoy the shivery goodness, scared witless in the safety of my own cozy bed.

And I have to reveal my age by mentioning those classic TV Shows The Addam's Family and The Munsters. I particularly loved Wednesday, though I never enjoyed playing with headless dolls.
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Sometimes though, my imagination would run away with me. I remembered covering my little brother's face with blankets (he is lucky he survived) because tiny witches and flying monkeys were going to drop Bad Pills in our mouths while we slept. And then there was that dream, the sound of footsteps crushing the gravel in the parking lot next door. Frankenstein! Surely I could out run him!

Also, my Dad was a bartender(back in the old days a bartender could actually raise a family of four and even take them on vacation every yesr!). He had to be at work by five thirty or so so we ate dinner quite early--and watched Dark Shadows with Dad.

And, most shocking, I married man about as tall as Lurch and with some facial characteristics quite similar. Hmm. He never says,"You rang?" though.

Years later I discovered gothic romances, Sihlouette Shadows romances, Barbara Michaels and Stephen King. All very very good.

Then came Buffy. I worked part time nights back then and would get home in time to see an eleven pm showing of Buffy, all by myself in a house full of innocent sleepers. I watched that show religiously, and when we got a computer in the late nineties, it was one of the first things I found on the Internet. I felt too old for the fandom, but eventually met older women fanfic writers, and I threw myself into that for a few years.

Eventually the show ended and the fanfic community drifted away. I wanted to read vampire romances. No one sold those books in Casper, WY, but they could be found in ebooks stores, online.

What if, thought I, I tried writing vampires to publish?

So I did. I wrote vampires and angels, tiger and Yeti shifters. Demons! I wrote a steampunk with a griffon shifter...Paranormal elements are alive and well in my brain! I have plans for more--too many plans.

Right now I have a .99 ebook, The Psyvamp and the Professor. She steals life force to survive, he has a dark past as a priest with a demonology specialization. They are perfect for each other!

Thanks so much for having me as a guest blogger, Jean. So fun.

Melisse Aires

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Veronica Scott said...

We love having you as a blogger with us here at Paranormal Romantics!!! Happy Halloween!