Monday, October 14, 2013

Hello from Sonya

Hello! This is my first post here at Paranormal Romantics so I thought I’d introduce myself. My name is Sonya Clark and I write paranormal romance and urban fantasy. My urban fantasy books in the Mojo duology, Mojo Queen and Red House, are about a hoodoo-practicing witch who can see auras and spectral entities. Coming next year will be the first of a series of novellas about a secret organization called the Bradbury Institute that studies and collects occult artifacts, among other things. Bradbury started out as a web serial and I’m excited to be expanding and revising the first two volumes, and continuing on from there.

My next release, due out later this month, is a paranormal romance called Trancehack. I’m really excited about this book. Not only is it the most romantic thing I’ve written yet, but the paranormal elements are some of my favorite so far, as well. For example: using astral projection to enter cyberspace. That was fun to write! I’m giving away some advance copies on my blog if you’d like to go check it out.

As for when I’m not writing, most of my time is spent wrangling my fifteen-month-old daughter. She’s a sweet little girl who loves music and loves books, two things we happen to have in common. : ) Actually, my husband is a big reader too, so she’s learning her love of books from both of us.

I’m also a big fan of Supernatural, so if I ever have trouble coming up with a blog topic, you’ll probably be treated to a Dean Winchester Appreciation Post. ; )

You can find me at my website/blog, Twitter, and Facebook. I’ll be here every month on the 14th. Thanks for stopping by!


Diane Burton said...

How great that you & your husband read to your daughter. She'll grow up to be a reader for sure. :) Wishing you much success with your new release.

Sonya Clark said...

Thank you, Diane! Our daughter brings us books to read all the time. We usually wind up reading several to her every day. :)