Thursday, October 3, 2013

New Contributor Virginia Nelson Checking In!

I am so thrilled to be a part of Paranormal Romantics and this fantastic group of authors!

Since this is my first time writing anything for this blog, I thought it would be appropriate if I introduced myself to you.

Hi, I’m Virginia, but you can call me V; all my friends do. Virginia is so formal and when someone yells out my name, I often picture my mother screaming at me when she was upset at something I had done, which I might add, was quite often. Needless to say I was a tad on the bratty side… Still am in many ways. Guess that is because I see life as an adventure – one that must be experienced. And what an adventurous life I have led.
In my short sixty years, I’ve lived and worked in a dozen countries. Did I mention I also like to travel? (Maybe, I inherited some gypsy blood from someone down the line that I don’t know about. lol) Anyway, I’ve never been one to just sit and let time pass me by. Guess that is why I’m on my third full-time career.

As a young adult I went to nursing school. After several years of tending the sick and dying, I went back to school, got my teaching credentials in ancient civilizations (history) and started traveling the world. When I decided to retire from teaching, I grew very restless, so I decided to write out the many stories which had accumulated in my head just to give me something to do (and to make the voices I was hearing shut up). It gave me something to do alright, but the voices are still there and so I continue to write.

For five years I’ve been combining my two greatest loves, Native American lore and ancient Egyptian mythology in a series entitled Sekhmet’s Guardians. It’s an unusual combination, I know, but its working and I haven’t had any complaints to date. For good measure, I’ve also thrown in some European and other world mythologies just to keep things interesting. The series will span into eleven big books, all over five hundred pages. The books are very recognizable as each cover is done in purple, (my favorite color) and somewhere you will see a golden ankh buried within scenery. Each individual title also starts with the word Eternal. 

 I’m also putting together a collection of urban fantasies featuring the Greek Gods. After Cupid returns to Mt. Olympus with his less than perfect wife, Penelope, the Gods of Olympus have grown board and restless. They return to Earth in modern times, hoping to find their own happiness in the form of human females. This set of novellas is perfect for the reader who likes short, funny, sexy stories. 

My spare time is divided between my personal life, serving on two RWA chapter boards, judging numerous yearly writing contests, and attending and lecturing the many reader-writer events I attend each year which satisfies my travel urges. My next write-up for this blog will highlight several of those events.

Thank you for allowing me to take up your time while sharing a little bit of me with you. I look forward to our next encounter on the 3rd of next month.  

Always, V.

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Veronica Scott said...

Welcome to Paranormal Romantics, very happy to have you with us!

Diane Burton said...

Great post, V. So happy to get to know you better. I'm glad to see books about Egyptian mythology. In school, we learned Greek & Roman myths. It's great to know about other cultures myths. But 11 books, each over 500 pages? What an ambitious project. More power to you!

Mimi said...

Great to be here with you, as always!!

J.C. McKenzie said...

Great post V! I love Egyptian mythology. What a great and unique concept to blend it with Native American lore.