Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sit! Stay! Write!

I have a big writing list this year. It's bigger than I've taken on before...well, that's not true. I'm pretty prolific when it comes to writing, but I'm more of a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl. I write what I'm in the mood for, and I've had that freedom for most of my career.

That's not the case right now. I have series I need to continue, and time has come to get it going. The exciting thing? Most of the stories are paranormal!! I get to visit some of my very favorite characters. Three main series I'm planning to either finish or continue this year are sooooo different. They require different mindsets and I love the lines equally.

F*** Like Bunnies Series:

Werebunnies--irreverent, sex-crazed shifters who are visited by other paranormal creatures like vampires, succubae, zombies, kitsune and more! Bunny Ball is due this year.

Creating Home Series:

Werewolves--warm, loving creatures who crave home and love and laughter. Highly emotional and so much fun. Down to earth--the kind of werewolves that make a reader kind of wish they were a werewolf. Book 3 (as yet untitled) is on the writing list.

Justice Fraternity Chronicles:

Superheroes--super humans who use their powers for good. These men and woman are amazing, over the top and expect the same for their love lives. Fallen Love is nearly done, the story of Sparrow. When the love of his life turns bad, Sparrow is left to raise their daughter alone. His sacrifices draw the attention of Erin, a doctor specializing in superheroes. Together, they'll face Esmerelde, Sparrow's former lover. Anything short of victory means certain death.

Different stories, different themes, different tones---all paranormal!! I'm so excited. Now, back to work!

Need something while you wait for the new stories? Try Alice's Dragon.

Dragon Charmer—taking care of your pesky dragon problem—for a price.

Business is good for Alice, right until her dragon goes crazy and bites off her arm. To make matters worse, a tall, dark stranger kills the cash-cow dragon before her eyes.

Instead of dying from her wounds, Alice finds herself under the tender care of Bade, a gentle-handed Bulgarian far from home with secrets in his satchel.

If they can scratch each others backs, the secrets might live on and Alice might still have a job. She’s never backed down from a challenge, but she’s in for more than she bargained for with the tall, dark stranger.

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All the best,
Stephanie Beck

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