Saturday, February 1, 2014

To Avoid Ghosts, Stay Outside!

            It’s February 1st already? Or maybe if you’re experiencing cold and snow (again) like I am, you’re saying it’s finally February 1st? If you live in a cold-weather-state, you probably spend more time inside than any other time of the year. Inside your office, inside your car, inside your house…and maybe a dash from your car to the mall once in a while. So does being inside that mean there’s more of a chance that you’ll encounter a ghost?


            Most ghost stories focus on an object or a place. I recently took a tour of a local historic town and more of the passed-down stories focused on things that happened inside of the homes, shops and restaurants. Something banged the pots and pans in the kitchen when no humans were in there. Something pulled up the carpeting and left it rolled on the side of the room. Something set up all the chairs for a meeting when the hall had been empty only hours before.

            Indoors. There weren’t many tales about ghosts haunting outdoor areas.

            In my ghost series, Haunted Love, the books focus on a haunted, one-hundred-year-old apartment building. The ghosts appear in the hallway, in residents’ apartments, in elevators, and in the lobby. One of the books is set at the end of winter, and the ghost never ventures outside. Coincidentally, the other two books are set in spring and summer, and those ghosts DO venture outside.

            Obviously, ghosts don’t get cold. Or hot. They’ve passed on and they’re not susceptible to the earthly issues we have to deal with. Maybe the ghosts are out there during this cold weather, but we’re moving so fast to get back inside where it’s warm so we don’t feel their presence. Can you picture that? You’re bundled up—scarf over your mouth and nose, hat pulled over your brows. A ghost swoops in, trying to get your attention. The air around you gets cold…wait, it was already cold…so you don’t notice the change. Then, a black shadow, kind of like a mist of smoke, passes before you. Only you don’t see it because your hat has slipped down to your eyes and you can only see the sidewalk in front of you.

            Maybe the ghosts have been trying to get your attention this winter, but you’ve been too busy trying to get warm. Want to avoid them? Stay outside. They might still be there, but you won’t notice.

            Happy February! I hope you have many fun books to read in front of a cozy fire. I’m thrilled to announce that my three ghost books are now available in one print version.
Haunted Love...3 books of romantic ghost stories in one print version.
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