Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Women from the Immortal Redeemers Series

Hi and good afternoon. Ice storm and power outage precluded this post coming earlier but I hope better late than never might apply here.

JHS: Today, I’m interviewing the women from the Immortal Redeemers series. I’d like to introduce Nola and Brooke. Hi ladies, Nola, can you tell us a little about yourself.

PhotoNola: Sure, I’m a loner, got tired of city living and moved to a cabin left to me by my grandmother in the woods outside of a little town called Shenandoah in Pennsylvania.

JHS: Why are you smiling?

Nola: Well, I didn’t count on running into…well, I didn’t count on Rand Mitchell showing up in my neck of the woods. Glad he did though.

JHS: Brooke, you’re laughing.

Brooke: Run into him my butt, she shot his ass. Tell them about that, Nola.

Nola: Just a little gun, didn’t hurt him too badly.

JHS: Goodness, what happened?

Nola: It was an UNFORGIVABLE thing to do…thought he was responsible for trapping a deer on my property. Anyway, I put him in my bed and tended to him. Very well I might add.

Brooke: She sure did, climbed right in with him from what I’ve heard.


Nola: Lordy, keep your mouth shut! Tell them about you. Remember the cafĂ© in Philly and what you and Chance did in the bathroom? Let’s talk about that.

Brooke: UNREDEEMABLE bastard, I didn’t know at the time he was going to die. 

JHS: Die? Are we talking about Chancellor Lorca? What happened in the bathroom? 

Nola: She mated with him…you know… 

JHS: You mean they had… 

Nola: Sex. 

JHS: No! With people right outside the door? 

Nola: They sure did, Brooke told me all about it.


Brooke: Be careful Nola, he doesn’t like people knowing his business. 

Nola: You mean like the time he threatened to drag your ass through the woods if you didn’t follow him? That put some air under your wings didn’t it? 

JHS: Wings? What have I missed? 

Brooke: Go to hell, Nola. You’re no goody-two-shoes! You go running around the woods in a nightgown shooting people and then act all high and mighty. Don’t begrudge my ability to fly. 

Nola: Begrudge your ability to fly? You just wait… 

The office door opened with a bang. 

JHS: Excuse me, if you could wait outside while we finish our interview. The most delicious sample of pure maleness stepped through my door. Didn’t want to send him on his way but business is business. 

Chance: I’m Chancellor Lorca, and you are finished. I came to retrieve our women. 

JHS: Our? 

Chance: Rand is waiting to drive Nola home. Brooke and I, well, we travel a bit differently. 

JHS: How’s that? 

Chance: Use your overactive imagination, lady. Better yet…read the books. 

He glared menacingly, frightened me to death, but I swear –the women smiled! 

Nola stood and quickly scooted around him. 

Chance: Come on, baby, time to go home. 

Damn, what a smile, and the way that man’s eyes lit up at the sight of Brooke had my heart pounding. What would happen when he got her home…were there more like him? 

I sure hope so.

Growl and roar-it’s okay to let the beast out.-J. Hali Steele

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