Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Fun of Midsummer Fairies

All right, so my new release A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S FLING is a not a paranormal (it's a straight-up romantic comedy) BUT the play from which it steals borrows its title (Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream) is all about supernatural creatures. Namely: fairies.

I played a fairy once in A Midsummer Night's Dream; it was one of the great pleasures of my life. And one of my favorite parts of writing this book was deciding how I was going to have my fictional people portray Shakespeare's fairies. The wonderful website Pinterest was great for this, and I happened to have a pretty great costume designer character in my book so I could let my imagination go wild.

And I did. :)

Here's how the fairy looks are described in the book:
All four of the actresses playing Titania's handmaidens now had soft, pastel colored hair of various shades -- a soft lilac for Cobweb; an icy, silvery blue for Moth; a peachy orange for Mustardseed; and a soft blend of pale green, blue and violet for Peaseblossom. Elaborate headdresses of flowers and feathers, twigs and seashells crowned their heads.

Their costumes were also a tactile delight of texture, some with scaled black leather, some with shredded silk pieces; one had an amazing corset that looked like wood. The most incredible, though, was Moth's. Somehow, with clear sea glass beads knit with wire, the designer had fashioned a dress that actually seemed made of water droplets for the Moth character.

If you want to check out my Midsummer fairy looks and other fun pictures that provided inspiration, check out the book's Pinterest board.

There's more info about the book below if you're curious. Even though it's not a paranormal. ;)


After dating her childhood sweetheart Max on and off for years, aspiring actress Nicola Charles is finally ready to move on. It’s time for her to focus on her stage career and stay away from Max–before he can break her heart again.

Max regrets hurting Nicola, but he wants another chance. So when his play loses its leading lady, giving Nicola the part seems like the perfect opportunity to win back his old flame.

But the course of true love—and a theater production—never do run smooth. As Max fights to reignite Nicola’s love, the onstage antics can’t rival the bedlam backstage: a neurotic cast, a prickly crew, and an evil diva of a director who’s got designs on Max.

As Nicola and Max battle to keep the drama onstage, Max can’t help wondering if their romance will end with the last performance. Or have the two of them finally captured what they’ve dreamed of all their lives? True Love.

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Diane Burton said...

I love your Pinterest board. What fun!

Beth Matthews said...

Thanks, Diane! I love Pinterest. :)