Sunday, August 3, 2014

Blistering Heat and Guys Hotter than Hades

Blistering Heat and Guys Hotter than Hades

Its not unusual for people to ask me why I spent twelve years abroad teaching in Egypt and the Middle East. Lately, I've decided to pull out the pictures on my phone and so them why...  The answer is really simple and sometimes a picture is worth a thousand or more words.

Although the temperatures in places like Saudi, Qatar, Kuwait and even some parts of Egypt are well above the normal for most of North America, the guys who hang out in these regions are just plain hot. Nothing melts this gals insides like a well tanned hunk with penetrating eyes.  It's even better when its so hot their thin silk white dhisha sticks to their skin showing off their muscles and other body parts. (I didn't just say that, did I?)

I loved Qatar, the second country I was able to work in. Doha in particular has just about everyone thing one could hope for in large, water front city. Hugh malls, a walkable Cornish, sports events are just some of the fun things one can do while visiting there.

(indoor events - who knows what one hides under those white robes.)

 (outdoor walking)
Here are some other shots I took and collected along my many travels. Enjoy the show.

Did I happen to mention my camera tended to get distracted, the lens heading straight for the hottest guy around walking around the Cornish or hanging out on the beach? Of course, that's not always true - I did take the normal shots of building and monuments. I even took ones of my students. This bunch of guys below was actually some of my students - Oh yeah, forgot to mention in Doha, I instructed adult men. Lucky me.<grin> I had the nation's national basketball coach, half the Doha police force and the royals in my classes.

My class of bad boys. Yes, that's me in the black.

Now on to site seeing pictures.

I hope you enjoyed the show and will consider going over seas on your next vacation or adventure. There's plenty to see if you can stand the heat.
Always, V

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Sophia Kimble said...

I dated a man from Suadi years ago, and might I say...yum!
Loved your post.