Saturday, November 15, 2014

Pinterest Story Boards

Eorthe is an alternate Earth where vampires, werewolves, and other assorted creatures live. They’ve never even heard of a human until Dr. Susan Barlow tumbled into their world. (Book One) In this new installment (book 2), we’re traveling to the vampire colony of New Berg, where my hero and heroine get in way too much trouble.

So you can imagine I had to do some world building. Every author who writes paranormal/fantasy series knows what I mean when I say we all have tricks to remember the small details of previous books. I can’t express how much pain and time it used to take me to remember what so-and-so’s eye color is or how did her bedroom look like?

*bangs head*

There were nights I wanted to hit delete on the whole project because I was fed up with—wait, what was his eye color again?

I know writers who use Scrivener and Onenote. I tried them but it felt like work. I work enough at my evil day job and taking care of my kids. Until I discovered Pinterest and fell down the time suck well. 

At least, it was fun.

Then it dawned on me that most of my boards contained pictures of things I wanted to use in future stories. Well, heck, why not past stories too! I created my storyboards. Now, readers can go there and see how I picture my heros, dragons, castles, caves…etc.

Better yet, when I need to remember so-and-so’s eye color it’s just a click, and at least, ten new pins away.

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Liza O'Connor said...

The first board I checked was Royo and his work is so incredible that it has overwhelmed me.