Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Space Travel

Andromeda Galaxy from NASA's Hubble telescope
If you write science fiction (or its sub-genre science fiction romance), your characters probably need to get from place to place . . . unless they’re locked in a room somewhere the entire story. Not sure that would make a very interesting read, though. My critique partner frequently reminds me my characters are in a “white” room—no action, no descriptions. Actually, my first drafts resemble screenplays with a lot of dialogue and some stage directions.

So, how do your character move? Let’s assume they can walk, run, crawl. Can they project themselves to another place (teleportation)? Can they fly? Great. But not exactly what I’m going for. I’m thinking more along the lines of vehicles.

Is the civilization your characters inhabit advanced enough to get off their planet? Are they in the early stages of space exploration or are they veterans? Have they mastered faster-than-light speed? Or found wormholes through which their ships can travel from one star system to another?

Or what about a stargate? Thanks to Amazon Prime that I accidentally subscribed to a year ago, I’ve been OD’ing on Stargate SG-1. Now there’s an interesting concept. Obviously, other people found it interesting since the show was on for ten seasons. Stargates are like personal wormholes, taking people from one planet to another in a different star system. A stargate could be something designed by aliens, like in SG-l or the obelisk 2001: A Space Odyssey.
However your characters travel, be consistent. But most of all, have fun designing your methods of travel.

Diane Burton writes science fiction romance, romantic suspense, and mystery. Her most recent SFR is The Chameleon (Book 2 in the Outer Rim series).


Elizabeth Rose said...

Nice article, Diane. Good luck with your books! :)

Nancy Gideon said...

I do the screenwriting draft too and then fill in the surroundings. Nice post, Diane. Also a Star Gate junkie . . .

Diane Burton said...

Elizabeth, thanks.
Nancy, thanks to another SG fan.

Cora Blu said...

Great post. I just wrote my first sci-fi romance. The means of travel, I found to be fun to write. Having my hero check between his legs every time he teleported cracked me up even as I typed it out. It hadn't started out as a funny scene, but that became his MO every time he materialized. I'll have to check out your stories. Glad I found this blog.