Friday, September 4, 2015

When you nurture future Paranormal Romantic kids, they want a picture of an anti-demonic possession symbol on their birthday cake

By Maureen L Bonatch

And no one in my little town is going to go for that. But being the good mother that I am, tried my best to make it happen since I was, at part, responsible.
Hadn’t I been ecstatic when they’d finally been ensnared in reading? Starting with the Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket, the Percy Jackson series and then I was thrilled when they devoured the Harry Potter series. With a hunger for the world of magic and enchantment, they didn’t stop there. Besides reading every YA fantasy/paranormal they could get their hands on, they moved onto watching television shows.

Their most recent favorite being the Supernatural series .
Granted, part of me wondered if the obsession with the show had to do with the two sexy, leading men playing Dean and Sam Winchester (Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki) 

So when they asked for their 14th birthday cake to have a picture of an anti-demonic possession symbol on it, and explained to my raised brow that it was from the show and both Sam and Dean have a tattoo of it, I said I’d try my best. 

But my best wasn’t good enough, because I’m a writer, and not a cake decorator. The cake decorator wasn’t privy to this back story and viewed me as if I was a bit off my rocker with my printed photo of an anti-demonic possession symbol, requesting to put it on a devils food chocolate cake, of course.

After hesitantly asking the baker if they had any images from the Supernatural television show and receiving a confused expression in response, I pulled out my photo of my anti-demonic possession symbol and requested they put this photo on the cake. This resulted in a lengthy explanation of how this was not a copyrighted picture from the site, but one I made. Then the hesitant argument... (cause I’m sure by now the baker was a little wary of me)...was they couldn’t use a symbol that they couldn't identify.

Seeking reinforcements, the baker’s supervisor, and the manager came to surround me as I insisted it was only an anti-demonic possession symbol as my voice grew quieter and quieter voice and my face became redder and redder. The manager tried to help by pulling up the symbol on his phone, only to declare, “Oh look, there’s your symbol. Right by some devil symbol.”

Three heads turn to look at me.

There comes a time, despite how much one loves fantasy, paranormal and supernatural that a mom must retreat and get a boring, ordinary birthday cake that says happy birthday and print out her own pictures to tape to popsicle sticks and jam into a cake.

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Diane Burton said...

Maureen, that's a hoot! Small towns can drive you crazy. :) Love your improvisation. You raised a great reader.

Diane Burton said...

Oops, hit post too quickly. Happy Birthday to your great reader.

Maureen said...

Thanks for visiting Diane! I'll give the twins your birthday wishes.