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So Many Choices... A Series ReVAMPed with Megan Slayer

There are so many choices out there when it comes to what to read. Not that Amazon hasn't made it almost impossible to choose but go there. I mean, goodness. There are SOOOO many books. So many. I get overwhelmed when the suggestions show up on my kindle.

So what makes an author want to revamp and refine a series that was already out there for public consumption? There are a ton of books out there. If these have already been out, then what's to say someone will want the same book, but improved?

I asked myself that very set of questions. You see, I had a publisher - a very wonderful one at that - close down. I liked working with them. They were the first publisher to accept a pitch from me after I'd signed a contract with another house. Sounds complicated, but you can pitch a hundred times and hear the word no, but there's something special about pitching to a publishing house and having a little experience under your belt. I don't mean a sitting at the bar and just tossing ideas around kind of pitch session, but a real one with a panel of people deciding if your story is right for that house. It was rather daunting and scary. One of these days I'll write the experience into a book.

Anyway, that house closed. Yeah, went out of business, broke my heart and closed. I said I liked working with them. Not only that, but I'd just had a paranormal series come out with them. I'd pulled other books from that house because they weren't performing. Was it my marketing? The theme of the book? I don't know, but they weren't doing so hot. So, I decided to yank them and try to improve them on my own. Now some people live for self-publishing. They love it. Me? I'm still in the overwhelmed, oh my god what am I doing phase. Yeah, I'm not quite ready yet.  But that's those stories.

I had this series. We'd polished it, edited to within what seemed like an inch of it's life and put them out there. I loved those covers. I did. Maddy James did a fab job. But the house went out of business.

So what was I to do with these books? They hadn't been out that long and were a labor of love for me. I pondered my options. They'd been edited, so I could self-pub them. But I knew nothing about self-pubbing. Not that I know tons now, but that's besides the point. I could shelve them. Okay, but that seemed like a waste of my efforts, the editors time and all of that. I could sell them to another publishing house. Hmm... That idea had merit.

First of all, I wouldn't have to pay to have them edited--hey, you can never be too careful about editing. Second, I wouldn't have to buy more art. I was gifted the cover art and love it, but I wanted a fresh start for the books. Third, if they weren't that good or another house didn't bite, then I wasn't out much.

What'd I do? I revamped them with a whole lot of help from my editor at Loose Id. I was proud of the series before, but now I'm even prouder.

What book and series am I talking about? The Battle Scarred series and book 1, You Have Me. Check it out and see if you like the fruits of our labors.

You Have Me

Battle Scarred, Book 1
Megan Slayer
Contemporary, Paranormal Romance
M/F, BDSM, Spanking, Anal Sex, Toys
Vampires, Supernatural Creatures

When the rest of the world crumbles and fails, you have me.

Kynan Laing gave up his mortal soul to the will of the Sources, the ancient beings in charge of the universe. With the sensual grace and speed in his vampire form, he serves in his role as a Protector for the Supernatural world. But the impending war between the Supers and Hunters is heating up. The woman he’s charged to protect is all grown up and the perfect submissive partner he wants. Can he keep his heart under wraps while keeping her safe?

Alexa Mercury doesn’t know why she’s supposed to trust the vampire, but she does. Even when she pushed him away, Kynan watches over her. She craves him like no other and wants to submit body and soul to him, even if he is a Supernatural creature of the night. When circumstances beyond her control force them together, Lexa will have to decide whether to offer her heart to the vampire or risk her very soul. 

This book was previously released by another publisher and has been reedited and revamped for this edition.

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