Monday, February 29, 2016

Lions with Piercings... Oh My! A Conversation on Lion Shifters with @MeganSlayer

I've read plenty of shifter stories and I love them. The more I read them, the more I love shifters. Lions, Tigers, Wolves... you name it.

So as I worked on my latest novella, Loving Leo, a thought occurred to me. Piercings and tattoos on shifters. Now how does that work? I'm sure other authors have written shifters with tats and piercings, but I hadn't come across any.

Then my character, Leo, informed me he wanted both!

First thought? How does that work during lion time? Does the tat show up under the fur? Or disappear? What about the piercing? Would the animal side even understand what it was?

Now instead of driving myself nuts trying to sort all of that out, I went with the character's lead and wrote the story. Leo wants a piercing and gets one. He wants to be different. I let him and his partner dictate how things shook out concerning that teeny little piercing. If they were happy, so was I.

So my question to you... what are your thoughts on shifters, tattoos and piercings? Let me know. I'd love to discuss it. :-)

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Here's a little bit about Leo and Axl:

Loving Leo 

Book 5 in the Sanctuary Series
Paranormal, Contemporary
M/M, Anal Sex, Shifters, Lion Shifters
Resplendence Publishing

This lion’s ready to claim what’s his on the day made for lovers.

Figuring out what Valentine’s Day isn’t easy, especially for lion shifters. Until coming to Sanctuary, Leo had never heard of the holiday, but he’s not about to let the special day go by without taking notice. He knows his heart and it belongs to Axl. He’ll do what it takes to get Axl’s attention, but will Axl share his feelings?

Axl is the brute of the group and has no need for Valentine’s Day. He’s tough and takes what he wants—including Leo. He doesn’t need a holiday to dictate his actions. That is until Leo bares his soul and his needs. Will Leo’s honesty be enough for Axl to come to terms with his feelings? Anything can happen on Valentine’s Day.

Available from Resplendence Publishing

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