Sunday, February 11, 2018

Developing Your Abundance Mojo

We’ve all had those days when everything seems to just flow. Karma smiles at you and opens up a front-row parking space. You arrive at all your appointments on time—no, early. Some days are luckier than others, right?
But have you ever stopped to ask yourself why?

The answer is quite simple. We live in a vibrational reality governed by the law of attraction, which states: that which I like unto itself is drawn.

Or, in the words of Albert Einstein: everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics.

Wow. Match the frequency of the reality you want. So, if I want to attract abundance, love, money and success, how do I find that frequency?

I belong to a Ritual Muses group, and we’ve each committed to expanding our daily personal Goddess practice. I believe that is how we can also raise our own individual vibration.

Juliette Kristine, a personal manifestation coach, has written extensively on this topic. She has come up with some techniques to raise your vibration and attract more money and success. I’ve drawn from her ideas, as well as from our Ritual Muses discussions, to come up with a list of my own below.

But first, take some advice from one who is learning her lesson the hard way. In order to see results, you must start with baby steps, and then be consistent. I vowed to get up at sunrise to meditate and do my sun salutations. . I’ve been trying to do this for a week, and have only succeeded once. That’s because I had some other habits I had to modify first in order to be successful, specifically, getting into bed before 1:00am. As my baby step last week, I incrementally moved my bedtime schedule up two hours earlier. Now, hopefully I’ll be able to see those sunrises.

Here are some techniques and exercises to raise your vibration and attract prosperity.

1.    Reprogram your subconscious

 Every repetitive thought or belief has a corresponding neural pathway that in turn affects our energy and vibration. Science has brought to light the ability to measure the different frequencies including the frequencies of different thoughts.

Interestingly, negative thoughts like anger, worry, fear, feeling unworthy and guilt measure low on the scale, while positive thoughts like love, forgiveness, and abundance thinking higher measurements.

Our money vibrations are influenced by what we have learned about money from our parents and family. T. Harv Ecker, author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, says this is our ‘money blueprint,’ the very foundation that guides our unconscious and conscious decisions. To change it, you must first be aware of what your blueprint is. If you have a poverty mindset/vibration, even if you win the lottery, that money will not stick with you.

The various poverty beliefs—the thoughts and actions that determine your vibration: feeling unworthy, undeserving, blind spending, feeling obligated to a lifestyle, irresponsibility, etc.—will all contribute to the loss of the money and prosperity that comes your way.

Ecker says the key to changing your money vibration is to investigate your life and beliefs.

Questions to ask yourself as you investigate:
·       What are my automatic thoughts about rich people, money and wealth? Do I think money is the root of all evil? Do I think most rich people are crooked and that’s why they are rich? To become rich, do I think I must use people and take advantage of them? Is it morally unjust for me to be wealthy while others have nothing?
·       What are my greatest fears regarding having money and wealth? If I become wealthy, will people be jealous of me, or hassle me for loans?
·       Does the thought of having money make me guilty? Do I not deserve wealth? Does becoming wealthy depend on luck? Do I think I cannot become wealthy doing exactly what I love? Is it harder for a woman to become wealthy?

1.    Reset your personal Money Blueprint

There is scientific evidence of the neuroplasticity of the mind. It is physically changeable if you give it what it needs to change. 

Imagination, visualization, cognitive repetition, affirmations, meditation, and exposure to different thoughts, beliefs and life experiences in repetitive ways, all are methods to “plastify” your mind into a new way of looking at something.

So, once you have answered and analyzed the questions above, pick the top 10 statements/beliefs that you want to change. Write them on a piece of paper. Then create an opposing positive statement for each negative belief. For example: The original statement is “I am not good with money.” The new, positive statement might be, “I am a good money manager.”

Look deeply at your thoughts about rich people. Observe, and try not to let your mind engage in criticizing or judging. If you have a belief system that says, “I don’t want to be one of those greedy rich people,” you’re unconsciously blocking your ability to bring and manifest money toward you. Again, turn your negative thought into a positive affirmation.

2.    Start and end your day with a positive affirmation
Create a list of all the positive statements around you and money, wealth and prosperity. The more personal the better. Write them all down, or record them and put them on your phone or ipod. Play them or Read them out loud as you go to bed at night, and again during your first routine of the day, as you have your cup of coffee perhaps. If you do this while doing another activity, you engage several parts of your brain at once. The more you meditate on the new thoughts, the stronger the neural imprint.

Here are some sample positive statements to give you ideas:
* I am a good money manager
* My ability to earn money is expanding
* I am a magnet for prosperity
* Money comes to me easily and effortlessly
* I deserve prosperity
* When I am wealthy, my true friends and family will like me just as I am today

* I am a generous giver and a gracious receiver

3.    Raise your serotonin and dopamine levels
When your body is producing more serotonin and dopamine you feel more joyful and relaxed naturally. These positive emotions send a signal to the universe, and in turn, attract more good vibrations back to you. Hence my striving for morning sun salutations and meditation. You could also play with your animals, take a walk in nature, or whistle while sweeping your front stoop

1.    Nourish yourself

Skipping breakfast can give you sugar cravings and raise your cortisol levels, making you feel stressed and anxious. 

Whether you consider yourself a breakfast person or not, eat a small, protein-based meal in the morning. Pay attention to how it makes you feel the rest of the day.

4.   Meditate and Visualize

My favorite meditation is to work my way up my spine and through each chakra as I perform yoga stretches and positions. 

   If you have difficulty meditating on your own, offers a free copy of a mini ritual to focus on your goals and bring your life into alignment with them.

Being clear and focused is incredibly important. To change your money blueprint, spend daily time visualizing yourself in a life where money is your friend as opposed to a source of difficulty.

Be patient. Give yourself the time to slowly make new choices in all aspects of your life that support prosperity. For example, if you enjoy good quality coffee, but Starbucks and Dutch Brothers is outside your budget, buy a bag of fabulous Kona roast and an inexpensive cream frothier and treat yourself to gourmet, luxury coffee at home. Tally the savings each month and put that amount into an account slated for investments.

And don’t forget to celebrate your wins! Whenever you have reached a milestone, whether it’s paying down a debt or saving $100, make sure to give yourself tons of applause, and add that feat to your list of affirmations.
We all deserve to have ease in life. You are worth it and your soul has value!

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Maureen said...

What a great post! I'll have to try to incorporate some of these tips. Thank you!

Diane Burton said...

Lots to think about, Sandy. Great post!

Francesca Quarto said...

Hmm..I am a very early riser and could easily do meditation if a few things in my environment were altered: 1) my desperate need for coffee before I can function and 2) I start my day living inside my own fantasy as I write my books. I will try to incorporate some positive thinking around the subject of monetary rewards, as I don't feel in the least bit unworthy of them, but don't want to make amassing a pile of money as my defining moment.
Your post was really very interesting and thought provoking and I do appreciate your sharing your insights. Personal monitoring is always a good thing if we want to reshape our lives.

Nancy Gideon said...

Wonderful post, Sandy! Back to my sun salutation . . .

Elizabeth Alsobrooks said...

Interesting mind over matter post. Thanks for sharing.