Wednesday, February 14, 2018

St. Valentine

Wondering why it's Valentines Day?

San Valentino, officially Saint Valentine of Rome, is a widely recognized 3rd-century Roman saint commemorated on February 14 and since the High Middle Ages has been associated with love.
All that is reliably known of the saint commemorated on February 14 is his name and that he was martyred and buried at a cemetery close to the Ponte Milvio, north of Rome. It is uncertain whether St. Valentine is two different Saints. Because so little is reliably known of him, in 1969 the Catholic Church removed his name from the General Roman Calendar, leaving his liturgical celebration to local calendars. 
English 18th-century antiquarians, Alban Butler and Francis Douce, noting the obscurity of Saint Valentine's identity, suggested that Valentine's Day be observed to supersede the pagan holiday of Lupercalia. This idea has lately been dismissed by other researchers. However, many of the current legends that characterize Saint Valentine were invented in the 14th century in England, notably by Geoffrey Chaucer, when the feast day first became associated with romantic love.

Wishing you a very Happy Valentine's Day!



Diane Burton said...

So interesting, Linda. Back in 1969, a lot of saints were "de-sainted" (my made up word LOL). St. Christopher is another. I didn't know about Chaucer associating Valentine and love. Hope you have a love-ly day.

Elizabeth Alsobrooks said...

Love Chaucer! Great post.