Thursday, May 30, 2019

Light My Fire

Recently, I’ve been on a dragon binge. No, I’m not writing about dragons (yet), but I have read lots of wonderful books featuring dragon shifters. All kinds of dragon shifters, frankly. Alien dragons, Earth-bound dragons…just gimme!

I know that many of you have a hankerin’ for fire breathing heroes too, so today I’m sharing some these books with you. Some are very recent additions, and others have been patiently waiting for me to tap their cover and step into their fiery domain.

To my author buddies: These are all very recent reads for me. If your dragon books aren’t featured here it’s most likely because I haven’t read your books yet, or I read them during an earlier dragon reading binge. Please, please, please feel free to drop your links in the comments.

So, in no particular order, here they are….

 Dragon Mates

Dragon Mates, J. K. Harper – I picked up this 3-book set awhile ago, and fell in love. Hope J.K. writes other stories in this world as I’d love to know what happens to some of the other unmated fellas. (Hint, hint, J.K.) (Available on KU**)

Under Fyre, Cara Bristol – Released last week, this is the first book in a new series, and wow, did it impress! There is an Under Fire Prequel available for .99 cents, or you can pick it up for free if you visit Cara’s website and sign up for her newsletter.**

Loyal Dragon Shifter, Rinelle Grey – First book in Rinelle’s Return of the Dragons series, which is an excellent series. Currently free on Amazon**. And, the next book is due out…ooh! May 31, 2019. Hey, that’s tomorrow! (Available on KU**)

Legion, Regine Abel & Juno Wells – These are not your standard fire-breathing dragons, but the Xion Warriors of this series are incredibly hot. And they’re aliens. So far there are only two books in this series, but I've heard whispers that more stories are planned. Can’t wait! (Available on KU**)

Feral Ice, Ann Gimpel – Original and thoroughly enjoyable. The last alien dragons (twins) of a dying breed are surprised to find their mates quite by accident…at Earth’s South Pole of all places. This is book one of Ann’s Ice Dragons series. Book three is set to release on June 25, 2019!

Loved by the Dragon, Vivienne Savage – Two complete stories in one book—a book that comes with its own “adult content” warning, if that’s your thing. <wink> It’s also the first in the four-book Dawn of the Dragons series. (Available on KU**)

Is it me, or do dragon romances have some of the most beautiful covers? 

Well, that should be enough to light your fires (pun intended). Have you read any dragon shifter stories recently that touched your heart? Please mention them in the comments so the rest of us can check them out!

** reflects prices and special offers at the time this post was written and are subject to change without notice.


USA Today Bestselling Author, Lea Kirk, loves to transport her readers to other worlds with her sci-fi romances. When she’s not busy writing about the blue and green aliens of her Prophecy series, or reading about dragons, she’s hanging out with her hubby, five kids (the nerd herd), and spoiled Dobie mix puppy.

She is currently working on two short stories and the fourth book in her series.


Cara Bristol said...

Thank so much for the mention of Under Fyre -- and for all the book recs. Now I have more dragon books to read.

Maureen said...

Thanks for sharing! I've only read a few dragon books, but seems I have more for my TBR now :)

Jane Kindred said...

Great post, Lea! I do love me some dragons! My Harlequin Nocturne series is all dragon shifters. :)

Dana said...

Wow! That's an amazing list and I'm swooning over those covers. Time to fill up my Kindle! If anyone is looking for something a little different, how about mermaids (and men) who shift into fierce water dragons? Southern Elemental Guardians features mermaids, flying men, Phoenix, Orisha, and a whole host of other mythical creatures, ancient gods, and plenty of red-hot romance! Here's the link to Book 1:

Lea Kirk said...

Ooh! Thank you for sharing, Jane and Dana. Must check these out. <3

ML Guida said...

I have two books that are about the sexy dragon sheriff and will be writing another dragon shifter for Magic New Mexico! This book leads to my Dragons of Zalara scifi romance.

Diane Burton said...

Love the suggestions, Lea. I don't usually read dragon stories, but our own Abigail Owen has a dragon series. I read The Mate (because it was free) and was fascinated. Then I read The Boss. Again, fascinating.

Lea Kirk said...

Great recommendations, you all! My wish list keeps getting bigger every time I peek at the comments. Thank you for keeping my Kindle full and happy! :)

LC Alleyne said...

Hi Lea! I love writing about shifters as much as reading them! I have two books: Dragon Reborn and Dragon Redeemed with the third in progress. These guys are Icelandic, and the books are inter racial romances ��

Lea Kirk said...

This sounds WONDERFUL, LC! Thank you! Added your book to my wish list. My kids usually give me Amazon or Starbuck's gift cards for my birthday. Now I just have to be patient while I wait. Lol!

Susan Hayes said...

Some amazing authors on this list! I've expanded my Star-Crossed alien mail order brides to include a new species, the Romaki dragon clans. Radek is the first one to feature the dragons, and I'm working on two more for release this fall.

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