Friday, June 19, 2009

Ellora’s Cave Authors and Their HOT! Covers

HOT! Body Alert. That’s how I billed this week's post and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. You’ll understand what I mean as you look at some of the hottest covers (and bodies!) around. The awesome Syneca and Les Byerley outdid themselves on these Ellora’s Cave Covers.

I ogled and drooled over my cover for a long time, made it my desktop background so everyday I can see Hard Case. The gorgeous male there has taken over my imagination, in my mind he’s become my character. I started to wonder what other authors thought about their covers. Out of that grew the selection below. With each one you get to read a little of how the cover art came about and what the author thinks about it.

Get your fans ready before you go any further, tissue in hand.
Covers dead ahead. Enjoy.

Ari Thatcher says about HONEY:
Being an Ellora's Cave Quickie, HONEY's cover had to be chosen from a ready-made selection. That concerned me at first, but then I stumbled on the man in a suit and the woman in a little black dress. It's scripted for Honey, isn't it? Rick arrives home from work to find his wife in a sexy little black dress, and as the evening progresses, they steal moments out of the boss's sight to lose a garment or two. I couldn't have asked for a better bod for Rick, either!

J. Hali Steele says about HARD CASE:
I had a vision for my cover, one that involved a man in a suit with the shirt open…
WELL! When I got the cover art, designed by Syneca over at Ellora’s Cave, it knocked my socks off. I mean is there anything more sexy than the underwear he’s wearing? The man is HOT! Hot! And that white dress shirt hanging off – he’s a man I seriously want to do business with. He is HARD CASE Period. You can find out more at: or

Fran Lee says about OUT OF HER DREAMS:
I absolutely love my cover from fabulous cover artist Syneca over at Ellora’s Cave Publishing! I asked for a hot and cocky man with a powerful wrestler’s build, and she totally delivered!
I mentioned in my cover request that the guy has a few scars, and voila! She put a scar on his chin! I mentioned that I wouldn’t mind if all he wore were drops of water from a shower. Holy Showercaps, Batman! He has water dribbling down his shoulder and chest. How great is that? That’s called ‘attention to detail’. My guy is big and powerful-looking with latent strength and he is exactly what this author ordered for this story about a pro wrestler. One of the best cover artists I’ve seen, Syneca rocks!

Lise Fuller says about GUARDIAN ANGEL:
I fell in love with my cover the first time I saw it. The man is exactly what I wanted. Hunky, strong--real. The body of a man who works hard. And the expression on the woman's face, well, I can just see my character in that. It's so real. Syneca, with Ellora's Cave, did the artistry. Yes, I asked for certain things, the bed being one, but what Syneca did with what I'd requested, well, it was pure artistry, talent with a dash of inspiration, I'm sure. You can drool over the cover and the excerpt at:

Robin L. Rotham says about ALIEN OVERNIGHT:
Call me crazy, but I was initially kind of disappointed with this cover. It was nothing like I'd envisioned—thank God! If Les Byerley hadn’t ignored my rather idiotic suggestions, I don't think AO would have sold half as many copies as it did. After I emailed my cover request for ENEMY OVERNIGHT (coming out next Wednesday!), I emailed them again and begged them to ignore my suggestions--again!--and do what they thought was best. The EC cover gods know what they're doing, so I'll take care of the writing and let them take care of the art.

Paris Brandon says about NO HOLDS BARRED:
This was my first cover experience and I have to say it was wonderful thanks to the fabulous Syneca. I asked for a contemporary Viking warrior with shoulder length blond hair and I still remember the feeling I had when I opened the attachment and saw my hero just as I described him! What I really appreciated though was the intensity of longing that was conveyed with a hint of the playfulness between the hero and heroine. Those were two elements I felt very strongly about. The cover was all that I asked for and more. Syneca has my appreciation and gratitude.

Lyla Sinclair says about HARD ON MISS HARDIN:
This is my first published fiction of any kind, therefore my first cover. My release date was suddenly moved up from September to June (within 10 days of when they sent the release update). After being thankful I hadn’t procrastinated on my website, I frantically emailed my editor asking, “Does the art department know? Will I get a cover soon for my website? Will I have a cover at all?” Of course, E.C.’s art department wasn’t fazed at all, and I got this sexy tidbit in my email the next day, designed by Syneca.
Well, there's not much more I can say. I hope you stop back next Friday. Who knows what I'll cook up for you. Until then: Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out. - J. Hali Steele.


Anonymous said...

You guys certainly were blesseed by the cover Gods. I have to say I've had mixed blessings. I'm not even being discreet about it anymore. I love, love, love the cover Syneca did for my latest. It was spot on perfect. And Les's second attempt at one of my novellas was so perfect, it's been and continues to be my best seller. However, that said...

I learned the hard way. I didn't complain about my Vampire cover right away, although I hated it. I waited too long. Unfortunately, I didn't know I had 3 business days to request a change. I tried to live with a vampire who looked about 17 years old sporting hair that looked like it had been drawn on with crayon, lounging naked (with love handles) on a coffin that he never, ever slept in. By the time I said, 'I'm sorry, I just can't handle this cover,' I was told it was too late. I was stuck with it.

Now I was absolutely giddy over my first gorgeous ebook cover. I thanked the Art Dept. profusely. Then they changed it without my knowledge when it went to print. Huh? Okay, so I was excited to see what I'd get when my Vampire book came out in print...only to be given the same horrible cover I'd complained about.

I was so bitterly disappointed, I even went to the head of the art dept. and begged it to be changed after the fact. That hasn't happened yet, but if it doesn't, I'm pulling the book. Yes, I have a contract that says it has to sell over 100 copies a year. So, I'm keeping close track of its sales. It was 50 as of May. Damn.

J Hali said...


Thank you for feeling we were blessed and I'm glad you like your latest cover by Syneca and Les' second attempt on one of your novellas. Congratulations on its success.

I'm in a quandary here because of the one you are unhappy with. I'd like to wish you the best in sales, and from your comment, it is doing well so far this year. But I'm not quite sure if that's what you want.

I'm glad you were able to vent your feelings and I hope you get a resolution that is satisfactory to you.

Paris said...

Thank you so much for putting all these great covers up and letting us tell everyone how wonderful Syneca and Les are!

Bronwyn said...

Ooooh, J! The only one I didn't really get a *feel* for was the long blonde haired fabio... But if I hold my thumb over his face... Perfect!
Well done and again, congrats :)

J Hali said...

Paris, Don't they look great! They both do fabulous work, huh?

Bronwyn - OOH! I love the blonds. CJ and him are two of my very favorite EC cover models. If I could have had the model I wanted, it would have been one of them. But of course - I wrote Hard Case as a blond!

Syneca said...

Wow! It's not often the Art Department sees something like this and I have to say we're all feeling very honored and humbled by the praise.

Creating covers is--as I've said more than a few times, the best job on the planet. We have such amazing writers at EC and it's a real honor to be able to work with such great talent... and yes, a challenge to try and create a cover that lives up to the stories behind that cover. But hey, life without a challenge is pretty dull:)

Thank you so very much for such wonderful compliments. You sure ended the week for the Art Department on a high note!!

Happy weekend!!

J Hali said...

Syneca, I am so glad you dropped by! The Art Department is very much appreciated and we're proud to show off such excellent work.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Rebecca Royce said...

Wow J.


J Hali said...

I know, Rebecca - aren't they HOT!

Fran Lee Romance said...

Thanks for highlighting these fabulous covers, dear! We owe sooo much to the cover artists, and what they do sells the book! Doesn't matter how fabulous the book is...without that fab cover, folks don't buy it! Love Syneca!

Lise Fuller said...

Wonderful! Thanks so much for doing this Joann! These are awesome.

Lise Fuller

J Hali said...

Hi Fran and Lise - Don't they look great. I was glad Syneca was able to see the post. It did turn out very well. I know I've enjoyed it all day!

Robin L. Rotham said...

EC provides some of the most gorgeous covers ever dreamed up, and it's great that you all are showing them off! Whatever the EC cover artists are making, it's not enough. ;-)

Yesterday my cover for Enemy Overnight came while I was at Village Inn, and I spent half an hour blinking back tears because it was so incredibly beautiful and so much more than I'd dared to hope for. (I've got it posted at if you'd like a peek!) Kudos to EC, and to Syneca, for such amazing work!

lienaferror said...

All I can say is WOW!

Nice works of cover art!


J Hali said...

Robin, I've seen it! and WHEW, nice. Congrats on another wonderful cover. You have quite a few beauties.

Liena, I know what you mean! Gorgeous, huh?

Annie Nicholas said...

Fire Hot Friday! Thanks for the fan warning, I needed it. Hardcase is still my favorite. Great way to end the week J.

J Hali said...

Thanks, Annie. Glad you like Hard Case. I've been fanning all day!

Heather B. said...

Nice way to end the night before heading to bed. I have to say the covers at Ellora's Cave have vastly improved over the last few years.

The early covers were very cheesy and looked drawn to me rather than photographed, these nhew covrs are very nice.