Friday, June 5, 2009


It’s Friday already! What a week this has been. Paranormal Romantics had a wonderful opening day and an awesome week of posts. You’ve read about dragons, vampyres (Yeah, on my day it will be spelled in the old English way with a ‘y’ plus I like how it looks) anyway, I digress. We’ve read about book addicts, sci-fi and fantasy. One thing is for sure – it’s all been about the paranormal and romance.

In my particular case, erotic paranormal romance. In their form of a cat, vampyre, angel or demon, they’ll bite you or eat you, but most of all they’ll make pure, unadulterated love to you. If you have any doubt of what I mean pick up a copy of WITH EXTRA CREAM – it’s in there. Next week you can peek inside SCREWED – it’s in there.

In the weeks to come there will be much more. We intend to fascinate you and pull you in with tidbits and big bits of information. We’ll talk about our books, of course, but also tell you about others. We’ll keep you excited and interested in everything romance.

Annie, Rebecca, Sandi and Rae – you’re a hard bunch to follow and I hope I can live up to the standards you’ve all set. Annie thank you for bringing us together. Sandi, leave a first place or good review for the rest of us – congratulations on Winner Takes All – it’s certainly living up to its name by taking the number one spot at Desert Breeze.

I hope to snag a few wonderful fellow authors to interview and I’ll be asking them to bring along their furry or fanged friend. Should they have scales or slime, that’s their problem, but I’ll deal with it. I’ll delve into the character’s psyche and his creators thought process. There will be days of good old fashioned hunks, nothing fancy, just a picture of a hot body. But who knows, I might throw in a Purple P Rose-like lady here and there. Friday is my day and I’ve also dubbed it Furday, Fireday and Freeday. Anything goes. So be prepared for some crazy fun times. I’ll be knocking on doors for hot, hot book covers. If you’ve got one, send it my way. Now, what you have been waiting for, have been dying to know…

What does gingerbread and electricity have in common?

On June 5, 1752, Benjamin Franklin harnessed electricity from lightning with a kite and a key. Since then, June 5th has been known as Fly a Kite Day in America. Still, if thunder is heard and lightning is spotted, take your butt in the house.

Gingerbread cookies, gingerbread boys and gingerbread houses may be the stuff of Christmas celebrations. Still, June 5th is Gingerbread Day. This is the day when bakers brew up sweet muffins, cakes and baked delights, filled with tangy gingery deliciousness. Scandinavian bakeries, in particular, emit the tempting aroma of Pepparkakors, the traditional Swedish gingerbread cookies.

Gingerbread Day is the ideal occasion for reading the beloved Grimm's Fairy Tale of Hansel and Gretel with children of all ages. Didn’t they try to burn that poor old lady up? Hmmm…I’ll have to read that story again.

Some other little known June 5th facts, thanks to the Brookston Almanac:

1st Vegetarian Community established (Kansas; 1856)
National Brewers College founded (1879) – I like this one LOL
Hot Air Balloon Day
Special Saints day
Sophia Loren released from prison after serving 7 days for tax evasion (1968)
Bananas 1st arrived in US
Alice Cooper’s pet boa constrictor died after its dinner of a rat bit it first (1977)
Elvis Presley gyrated his hips on the Milton Berle Show, causing his 1st scandal (1956)

To find out more visit:

So you see, June 5th is a good day. I hope you found something you’ll be passionate about and may celebrate in the future on this day. And I hope you return on Fridays to see what mayhem I can cook up for you.

Thanks for stopping by and remember -

Growl and roar-it’s okay to let the beast out. – J. Hali Steele


Annie Nicholas said...

Hansel and Gretel! I loved that story as a kid and tell it to my own. Nothing like a candied house with a witch living inside to stir up the imagination. My own boys sometimes discuss how they would sneak up and steal candy from the house.

Rebecca Royce said...

Great post J. You always make me laugh so hard. So today was the first gathering of Vegetarians? I don't know, I might be worried one of your characters will eat them.
Can't wait to see what you have in store next week.

Anonymous said...

Great post, J!

So Elvis gyrated those hips today casusing a scandal, huh? Hard to believe what hype those hips generated.

Your posts always put a smile on my face, J.

I'd say the first week was a success, ladies!

Liena Ferror

Sandra Sookoo said...

Yay for bananas (I made banana bread yesterday) and Elvis (I write love scenes to him sometimes) Thanks for the shout out and yeah, as soon as I get some down time from writing/blogging/housewifing I'll review my fellow author's books :-)

Yay for writing!

Sandy said...

A good humorous post, J.

Keep them coming.

J Hali said...

Annie, now that I think about it, Hansel and Gretel was spooky as heck to me. LOL

Rebecca, Yep the cats would eat the vegetarians for sure. *grin* and the vamps would consider their blood a health snack!

Liena, if I can garner one smile a day - did my job.

Sandi, guess what? I'm cooking today. First in a long time. Had a taste for cabbage and ham. LOL no banana bread though.

Sandy, hope you enjoyed exploring some history with me.

Thanks you guys for stopping by.

Chiron said...

Great post!

Interesting about lightning and gingerbread. Amazing to read about the first vegetarian society too! Wow. And Elvis the Pelvis gyrated his way into our... um... hearts. (yeah, that's it!) *grin*


J Hali said...

Hi Chiron, Elvis was special wasn't he? And, yeah, hearts is a good word. *grinning too now*
Thanks for dropping in.

Z(Aasiyah/Nolwynn) said...

Hey J

Lovely post, made me smile!

Keep it up! Will log in every Friday to get my dose of funny from you then, lol!