Friday, August 7, 2009

Book Trailers - Do they help sell?

Has a study been done on this? And does it really matter? Not to me.

I love to write and I have a damn good imagination. However, when it comes to celluloid I don't consider myself very creative, but it gives me the opportunity to be a different kind of artist, and I try to improve each time. You know what I’ve discovered? It’s another of those ‘subjective’ areas. Some people like them, some don’t. You Tube has capitalized on the fact someone likes homemade videos.

I've heard various ideas about trailers: keep them short because people lose interest, don't be too wordy, make them exciting as possible - all things I try to consider and I hope I've done well.

I spend most of my time on selecting music. It has to be just right (in my mind anyway). I use which is Kevin McLeod's site for music. If you haven't checked it out yet, he has some good stuff there. I've donated to him, and will again.

Once the sound is set, I begin to select photos used to represent the hero and heroine. Another long process for me. Where, oh where, are all the men with below-shoulder length, blond or black, hair? Hell, I’ll take any color so long as it’s LONG! And where are the men – you know, those who have a little body hair? I dislike the hairless, boyish looking models. Oh well, that’s another blog completely. Anyway, I use Dreamstime or iStockphoto. Both seem the same to me, so I dash back and forth searching to get the photos that capture my characters (again, in my mind *grins*).

Then there's the process of getting them in order and writing the narrative, which has gotten less and less wordy for me each time. The saying goes: a picture tells a thousand words. I’m testing that theory on my very latest.

The first trailer below, Hope in Love, was completed last weekend amidst a family running wild. It’s for the first book in my angel series and it’s being viewed across the internet. LOL. My latest, Rhythm in Love, is a piece that's been contracted to Ellora's Cave for their Dance of Desire theme which will release in February 2010. It’s making its debut here at Paranormal Romantics today. It has 3 lines of dialogue and closing credits. I’m not sure whether I consider it done or not. I like the music and the various photos, but does it tell enough of my story? Does it grab attention…and ultimately, will it help sell the book?

I don’t have the answer to those questions. I had a damn good time creating both trailers and if one person enjoys them – I did my job.

Have a look at both. Take a minute to let me know what you think about video book trailers, and if you have one, two, or three, leave the link(s) in your comment, I’d like to check it out. Remember: Growl and roar-it’s okay to let the beast out.-J. Hali Steele




Rebecca Royce said...

Great blog J. I'll admit to being one of the people who love them but I am unable to make them myself. So I use Sandi's. She makes great ones and I'm fortunate to have found her so she can do them for me, LOL

Sandra Sookoo said...

I love, love, love making trailers. You're right, it's a different creative brain thing. Yup, I do Rebecca's which is awesome because she writes way different books than I do so I can really do something awesome for her :-)

I'm just the opposite of you. I select images first, using a handful of sites, put the images in a timeline, write the content, agonize over placement, test, effects then after everything, I find the music :-)

Sigh. I haven't made one for about a month. I need to make another one...

J Hali said...

Thanks, Rebecca. Isn't Sandi fabulous? I've seen yours and they are awesome.

Sandi, it's a little addictive isn't it? Soon after I sign the contract, I'm thinking about the video. LOL Thanks for coming by.

Annie Nicholas said...

Honestly before I started writing and was just an avid reader I never went on the web to look for the author's stuff. No blogs, websites, or trailers. If you wanted to attract my attention it was the cover and the blurb.

J Hali said...

OMG I'm nosey! I was every place, publishers reading excerpts, You Tube watching videos, and just say free read - I was there.

Is it different now that you're writing, and being published?

Sandra Sookoo said...

Butting in! :-) I love authors who have a presence. I want to know what they're up to, etc. I especially love the ones who will actually talk to you on Facebook, who send out newsletters, make you feel included in their world.

I aspire to that :-)

J Hali said...

And you're doing a fabulous job of it, Sandi. I felt stupid the first time I replied to Kerrelyn she knows me, right? Guess what, she responded and damn did it make me feel good. Each time I see her newsletter with release info, I'm on that book.

Keep up the good work, Sandi. You're an inspiration. Now, I only need to learn how to set up a newsletter...

Annie Nicholas said...

I still don't do anything but it's nice to know others do and that I'm not putting out this effort for nothing. Don't get me wrong. I love hearing from people I just haven't thought to go to my fav. authors sites. Oh except for CJ Cherrhy.

J Hali said...

See, you got one! And I've read the name here and never heard of them. You've made me curious and little ole nosey me is going to hop on over and see what CJ does.

And that's how it works. Trust me, you'll be out there more come January *grins*

Rae Lori said...

Great post! Joann, both of your book vids is a great example of why they're so cool. Each has its own tone and story it presents through the mood of music and images. So cool! :-D

I don't think I've seen Sandi's or Rebecca's yet so I'm going to dash off to watch those now!

J Hali said...

Thanks, Rae. I hoped the pictures would tell a bit of the story.