Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hair today...

gone tomorrow.
When I offered to blog for Sandra Sookoo, who is on vacation at Disney, and who I hope doesn't see how I defiled her blog *grins*, I had no idea what I'd do. While watching Nightline Monday night, a hairy subject came up. One I've thought about for a long time: the demise of real men - those not afraid to be HAIRY! Like Chris Evans to the left.

It seems the hairless movement started sometime in the 90s (remember metrosexual) and, according to the report has something to do with the economy. I couldn't find a single clip but if you want to wade through all the crap by moving to -4:25 on the counter, it's here: Of course they ran it near the end of the show!
Anyway, if I understand it right, the economy was good, businesses booming and men shaved, waxed, whatever - they began to remove their body hair. What's up with that? And why would removing hair have anything whatsoever to do with the country's economic health? Right now looking at Chris Poydenis on the right, I'm not thinking too much about the economy.

The article The Return of Chest Hair, by Jessi Klein in the DailyBeast, has some explanation - of which this is one snippet: "In these troubled times of war and craptastic financial news, are we yearning once again for leading manly men with comfortingly warm pelts in which to hide our anxious faces?" Read more here:

If this is true, should I wish for the economy to stay bad? I mean, dayam, look at the body on the left with the peppering of hair on his chest. Ahh! Alas, no, I don't want the country to continue suffering bad times.

But for now I'll be able to find a few real men to ogle. Evidently some of the gorgeous, model types haven't gotten the word yet. Hopefully it will continue to filter down.

Until then, I'll have to make due with those I could rustle up. If you're still reading this, hairless men...err...boys aren't your cup of tea *smiles*. You appreciate the look of a real man like Rafael Nadal pictured below right.

If you know where I can find others, or if you have any hairy men pictures, shoot them my way. No, I'm not looking for Sasquatch, so you hang on to those. I can always use more like those pictured here. Oh, Raffaello Balzo, below, was just hot, so I put him in the mix. Couldn't resist the pretty eyes and abs. He's a hotty.

Ok, I guess it's not always about the hair. Hmm... But, damn, he'd be much better looking with some. I have a hard time lusting after men who look like boys. Perhaps he could be coerced into letting a little bit grow...
Sandi, I promise to remove all traces of shedding before you return. Until then: Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out.-J. Hali Steele


Rae Lori said...

Oh me likee this blog post, Joann.

I miss real men. A friend of mine and I were just chatting recently about how there aren't many Alpha type big rugged manly dudes wandering around like there used to be in the old movies. These piccies sure make up for that though. :-)

Rebecca Royce said...

Did you know that before I read a word of this, I saw the title and knew you had written it. It just screamed J. Hali Steele sense of humor to me. LOL. Great blog post. Maybe I could save it somehow so its the first thing I see every morning. What honey? Oh, yes, hubby might object. LMAO. Great work.


J Hali said...

Rae, it's so big for me when I fill in the Cover Art Request forms that ask "what don't you want on your cover" I always say, "Posers or hairless men." LOL Glad you liked the pics.

Rebecca, am I that transparent. Hope Sandi doesn't mind the hair she'll find all over the place next Wednesday. *grins innocently* Tell hubby you're keeping them for a friend. Guess that wouldn't work, huh?

Annie Nicholas said...

Great post JoAnn. Love the pics and sprinkle of hair as well. I have bring up that some women do the same thing and I don't mean shaving there legs. What is it with trying to look like children? *shudders at the idea of waxing those areas*

I hate hairy backs though. LOL

Sandy said...

Woo hoo, Joann. That last one Balso is hot, but it's the blue eyes, I'm looking at. lol

good post.

J Hali said...

Annie, I'm with you 100%! I am at a lost to explain it.

Sandy, I know, got so into those blue eyes, forgot about hair - but only for a minute *grins*

Z(Aasiyah/Nolwynn) said...

Hmm, yummy post indeed, Joann!

I too don't understand how a hairless man is supposed to be hot! Come on, what takes a boy from childhood into adulthood and makes him look manly? Body hair! Cannot also understand how men could want to wax! Something we women feel compelled to do, but men? I mean, wait a sec... *shakes head*

Lovely pics, and me loves the Nadal! Groan, first man younger than me I found hot. That did make for one impact moment!



Liena Ferror said...

Great post, Joann.

Great pics as well. I have to agree with you and Sandy, Raffaello Balzo is a hottie with the blue eyes.


Sandra Sookoo said...

Seriously, J? hair all over my floor? Better be bringing in a broom :-) LOL Thanks, chick! Hope to be back in the swing Wednesday! :-)

J Hali said...

Z, Nadal is just scrumptious.

Liena, something about blue eyes!

J Hali said...

I'm ducking and hiding from Sandi, no, hold on...I found the broom *wipes brow*. lol

Hey, I hope you enjoyed your trip. The pics are great.

Jermzy said...

Oh God, I'm gay myself and I agree ONE HUNDRED PERCENT WITH YOUR POST!!! Since when did men looking like men become "disgusting" or "icky"? Obviously if a guy has a carpet of hair that looks like a yeti you're crossing into comical there but otherwise hair on a man's chest should be something to admire.

From a guy's perspecitive, I've always been proud of whatever hair I've grown (even my monobrow though my tweezers disagree :/)- it's something men should be proud of, not ashamed of.

Also what's more sexy than a rugged man who looks like he stepped out of the jungle or of a deserted island to rescue you? Society is slipping towards idolizing what is unnatural- before you know it we'll have fully grown women chasing after hairless 16 year old pop stars- oh no wait...