Monday, August 10, 2009

The Void

What is the void? A little deep for Monday, you may wonder. Pull up a chair, sip your coffee, and contemplate this question. It’s an empty place. Be it in your heart, soul, or life. It affects everyone at some point or another. Sad but true, there is a silver lining. Without the void we wouldn’t appreciate the things that fill our existence.

Why am I writing on such a dark topic?

1. This is Paranormal Romantics. LOL
2. I’m in a void.


That spot writers find themselves between books. Not a block, I know what I’m going to write next. The dead space between when you’ve finished one work and stretch and say, “Am I ready to start again? “ I’m not. My brain hurts and needs to sit back to relax for a few days. The last time I went through this, it took me a month before I could commit to a character and her story. My next manuscript will be long and soul searching so I hide in my void. Once my courage has gathered enough I will venture into a new place and get sucked back into writing again. Then the sleepless nights of typing will start but truly, I’ll be happy.

Am I the only nut on this crazy train?


Rebecca Royce said...

Come out of the void and start the next book. Or wait for me, I'll be in the void with you by the end of the week.

J Hali said...

Fantastic artwork! But all I'm seeing there is inspiration. What's waiting at the other end of the stone pier? I can't wait to find out...

Sandra Sookoo said...

You just have to write. I usually only allow a few days between projects. Of courst, I plot and outline my stuff out so I know what will happen.

Although, as I type, I'm being consumed by a black hole of WTH because I can't get either novel I'm working on past chapter 1... LOL

Barbara Sheridan said...

Came here via the PNWriters loop.
Thanks for the post. It's nice to know I'm not alone in this: “Am I ready to start again? “ I’m not. My brain hurts and needs to sit back to relax for a few days.

I just finished some edits that were much tougher than edits have ever been and also struggled to finish off a novella that also turned out harder to be than it should have.

I'm heading into Week 2 of the Void and though I feel that I should be "doing something productive", I just don't have the energy right now.

Anonymous said...

I'm on the edge of the void. I have a novel I'm about a third of the way done with that I keep picking at until the plot bunnies attack, and I start something new. At the moment, I'm working on a detailed synopsis for a sequel and trying to prepare a proposal package. After that -- eeks!!

Good luck finding your way out of the void and into a new story. :)

Lesli Richardson said...

I usually don't have a "void." I have so many WIPs I'm juggling that one of them will fall into place in the lead after another is turned in. Combined with editing and promo...frankly I don't know what down time is. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I thought that was you beside me. Yep I'm in that void too - waiting for answers, waiting for edits, kind of floating around just waiting. I could work on another book but I hate knowing that it will be interrupted so here I am waiting in the void. LOL

RKCharron said...

Hi :)
Thanks for sharing.
It's a great blog post.
I loved the beautiful pictures!
When the void sucks you in, it is the best!
Love and best wishes,

Catherine Gayle said...

Honestly, I don't much allow myself a void. Or at least, I don't right now. I'm working on the second of a seven part series, and I've got certain aspects of four of the next five underway already. I'm shopping the first one around, trying to find an agent/editor for it. And as soon as I finish this draft of the WIP, I'll start work on the rough draft of the next WIP before I go back in and begin to edit/rewrite/revise the one I'm on now. Once I finish with this series, I may experience a void...we'll have to wait and see. It'll be a long, long time before I can let you know on that one. LOL.

My best advice to you would be to force yourself to write something. It doesn't have to be what you've got planned for the next major project, but who knows? It could turn into a major project without realizing it. Set yourself a goal for every day. Make writing a habit, not something you do while you have a project planned, but otherwise you can allow yourself a void. Write for a set number of words/pages/hours/whatever per day. Period.

Rae Lori said...

Ooh, gorgeous pics. :-D

I know what you mean, Annie. Sometimes I just feel out of it and not really committed to my next work especially after coming of a work that really tensed my brain. You can try to sit down and start something else and then break so you can have something to come back to.

Or if you find yourself just tired mentally you can pop out of commission and just read. As weird as it sounds, it actually does really help, too! I'm doing that right now with not much promo or writing (and very limited business writing work save for a query I sent out yesterday) but mostly I'm just catching up on my tbr pile and trying to give my brain a break. It also helps to get those creative juices going especially when you're reading some really good stuff and feel the inspiration of the characters and the way the author writes. I'm finding that and/or watching a movie can help release those creative juices.

Don't worry. Your brain will leave the void when it's ready and I'm sure after some rest you'll be writing like crazy in no time! :-)

Annie Nicholas said...

I'm not worried, I know I'll peak out. I'm happy here right now. I finally opened Jim Butcher's last Dresden File and inhaling it without gusto. I think I'll spend the week critiquing and reading. Oh and cleaning my house. That tends to slip when I get into a writing frenzy.

Annie said...

opps, that last post read 'without gusto'! I meant WITH gusto.

Piper Denna said...

I love to pause and read a great story of someone else's in between my projects.