Sunday, December 13, 2009

Katherine Kerr

Happy Manic Monday everyone. I hope most of your Christmas shopping is done and you are getting to enjoy the season. Today, I want to discuss past lives. I don’t have any one strong religious belief but re-incarnation sounds like a nice theory.

Katherine Kerr, a paranormal writer, covers this idea beautifully in her epic series. Last week Sandi asked about out tastes in reading and I answered stories that span decades of my life. Katherine’s Deverry series has been part of my life since college *cough* so many years ago.

Act One: the Deverry books proper

• Daggerspell

• Darkspell

• The Bristling Wood (Dawnspell)

• The Dragon Revenant (Dragonspell)

Act Two: The Westlands

• A Time of Exile

• A Time of Omens

• Days of Blood and Fire (A Time of War)

• Days of Air and Darkness (A Time of Justice)

Act Three: The Dragon Mage

• The Red Wyvern

• The Black Raven

• The Fire Dragon

• The Gold Falcon

Recent release is called The Shadow Isle, which is the beginning of the end of this intertwining story.

The ongoing theme of these books is the profound effect that the past has on the present. Even though classed as a fantasy it has a strong romantic element to it. The story begins as love story gone bad and how a man, swearing to make it right, spends centuries chasing the souls of those he wronged. You get to see how one’s past affects the present and the future.

Even with this aspect you also have the incredible world building based on Celtic culture where once our worlds bridged and those who wished to escape the Romans came to world of Deverry. Magic, elves (Westfolk), fairies, dwarves, and dragons paint these stories with touch of gritty reality.

If you are looking for an epic story to transport you to another world, where you may not want to come back, I suggest you give this a try. Katherine Kerr is one a my favorite writers.

Have a Happy week. Tomorrow marks the start of  The Ten Hunks of Christmas count down at my blog
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Liena Ferror said...


Sounds like an interesting series.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday and Santa brings you everything on your list!


Rebecca Royce said...


Wow. How did I not know about this? Thanks


J Hali said...

I'm heading over to see the hunks...*grins*

Ari Thatcher said...

I guess since my novel I'm marketing is called "The Lives of Jon McCracken", it's pretty obvious I love reincarnation stories. And Celtic. I'm with Rebecca, how did I miss this?

Chiron said...

This series is one of THE BEST ever written. The first two, Daggerspell and Darkspell, may be two of the best fantasy books I've ever read. The weaving of the various lives and timelines, the way Ms. Kerr manages to evolve her characters from life to life is simply astounding.

Good call, Annie. Fascinating, entertaining and thought-provoking books!

--Chiron O'Keefe
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