Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Since it's still Tuesday, I thought I'd add a second post...

I thought you all might like to hear just how nuts I currently am. I blame this on being super-duper tired lately but here goes.

I love my Kindle (I've blogged on this topic before) and I think I'm going to hopefully someday get the IPAD. Anyway. I keep a running list of books on my Kindle. I read them in order on the Kindle from the bottom of the list to the top of the list with any new purchases I make showing up on the top.

Then after I have read the book I am reading, I go to www.goodreads.com where I rank the book and review it. After I have done that I then go to Storycasting.com where I cast the book. After that I delete the book and read the next one on the list. This order of things has become a compulsion for me.

For the record, I do not wash my hands all the time, clean, lock doors over and over, and I freely step on cracks on the sidewalks.

But, yes, ladies and gentlemen, Rebecca Royce has gone over the edge into the deep end of the pool.

I blame motherhood.



Annie Nicholas said...

LOL I guess I'll have to go check out storycasting now. That's all I need is another time suck.

Rebecca Rose said...

LOL Motherhood does strange things to us all!!