Monday, April 12, 2010

How Happily Do You Like Your After?

Happy Manic Monday. Pull up a chair and pour a cup of coffee. I’ve got some Jamaican Blue Mountain brewing.

Anyone who knows me or follows me knows I’ve been struggling ALL weekend with a plot to my next work in progress. This story came to me in a dream of all places and has taken over my brain. The characters are all developed and the world building has begun but I can’t move forward until I know how it’s going to end.

I can’t find a happily ever after. My poor characters are put in a situation where they need to find happiness in what they have. Is that good enough?

A-Happy-For-Now is slim possibility. How disappointed would you be as reader if a heroine/hero can find a sort of happy ending? What do you NEED to be satisfied and not stomp on the book when done?


J Hali said...

I so love the happy ending! But I'm okay too with those that have an HFN with possibility of more--if it's not 10 books down the road--hell, I could die and not know if Stephanie picked Ranger (who she should pick!!) or Joe. Oh, wait, that's another story...lmao.

Susan Hanniford Crowley said...

If it's a continuation book, I could wait for the HEA. A final tryst before they're pulled apart with a vow to come back to each other could do it. But I agree with J, that the final coming together can't be 10 books away. Take into consideration that a woman might be incredibly happy with a man at the end of one book, and in the next, he is killed or they break up, or she is pulled away for a secret mission. Options that would leave the first book with a HFN.

Sandra Sookoo said...

I know how you feel. I wrote a sci-fi novel with a barely happy ending and more questions than answers. I was completely happy with it but who knows how it'll fare in the submission process.

My best advice? Write the book how your heart tells you, not how you think the world will want it.

Annie Nicholas said...

How happy does it have to be?

Making love, saying I love you for the first time, getting married, etc.

K.A. M'Lady said...

I think the "happy" depends on the type of story-line. Dark fantasy that may be a series tend to be a happy for now as the stories continue. If it's a standard romance - historical romance then we want a HEA - must have a HEA. So, I'd say the genre, the characters and number of character involved in the relationship may dictate what kind of happy the after is. Bliss comes in all packages - at odd moments - and sometimes, wrapped in a bow. I'd like mine with blue eyes, please.

Best ~ K.

K.A. M'Lady
Fantasy Romance Kissed With Dark Sensuality

Rebecca Royce said...

I think a Happy For Now is okay as long as it's going to be continued into another book where you will get to a HEA. Unless it's UF and then you don't ever have to get to HEA.

Your writing is so wonderful, whatever you do is going to be brilliant.

Amanda said...

For me a happy for now is a relationship of some sort. An expression of love for the other and we're going to try to make this work. If there isn't a possibility for a happy ending ever, I'd be dissatisfied. (ie one of them dies permanently)

Destiny Blaine said...

It depends on the book. I'm happy with HFN or HEA in most subgenres of romance. However, in dark paranormal, I don't have to see that HFN or HEA but this feeling may place me in the minority.

Most folks want that fantasy and who doesn't love a happy ending when it's justified? I'm looking forward to reading what you decide! :)


Darla M Sands said...

I agree that the HEA requirement depends on the genre. My recent reads are very far from the type of HEA you mention even being possible, so I can definitely live without the white picket fence. Good luck finding a satisfactory middle ground. I wish you much success with the results!

BrennaLyons said...

As long as the genre is properly marked, I have no problems with an atypical HEA (happy enough for them in that situation), HFN, or even no HEA at all.


Annie Nicholas said...

Thanks for the ideas. If feel better about writing a not so HEA but somewhat a HFN. lol