Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Chat with Paranormal Romance Author JL Oiler

Hello and Thank You for allowing me this opportunity to introduce myself. I am JL Oiler and if you have not figuared it out yet, I write paranormal romance (a bit on the naughty side). I thought I would put this together by answering a few common questions;
1. How long have I been writing?
I have been creating stories for as long as I can remember. Though I was a shy child and generally kept them to myself until I was in my late teens.
2. How long have I been published?
My first release was Bood Dance: Seeds of Oden Book 1. It was released in January of this year by Wild Horse Press and followed by a short story release titled Eclipse of the Twin Moons on Feb 9 (my birthday) also by WHP. Blood Dance came out as a paperback in July.
3. Where do I get my ideas and inspiration?
Most my ideas and inspireation come from real llife. I will hear or see something that gets my mind working and e next thing you know I am scribbling it down.
4. Do I have any special projects or associations?
I currently one forth of the group WICKED MUSES. It is a group of writers that just seemed to click right from the beginning (we call ourselves wicked sisters). We share a lot of common interest and support. The other members include; Ashlynn Monroe, Lile Munro, and BethAnn Buehler. We are planning a major event to cover the entire month of October called our Parascary October. It will include lots of guest bloggers and prizes.
5. What about your upcoming releases?
I have a few coming up that include a Halloween piece due out October 30th from Silver Publishing. Its titled: Claiming Night. It is a M/F/M story about panther shape shifters. I also have a Demon story coming from Silver Publishing though we dont have a release date as of yet. It is titled: To Kiss a Demon.
The third in my Seeds of Oden Series is due out in January, Blood Denial from WHP and I am finishing up a christmas piece for Silver as well.
6. What about your current release?
Blood Dawn: Seeds of Oden Book 2 from Wild Horse Press
It is the second book that follows one of the daughters of Oden in thier fight to find thier lost siblings, battle evil Clage vampires, and find love and acceptance in the arms of thier Bloodmate.
Sol had always been different. Different from the humans who surrounded her, her nights are filled with meeting her craving for blood and protecting the residents of her small community from the evil vampires known as the Clage. But even to her own kind she is an anomaly. Her unique ability to walk in the sunlight sets her apart from any of her eleven missing siblings. Despite this, she has built herself a calm and relaxing home, moving about unnoticed among the local community, until the Clage and a breathtakingly gorgeous Nicaean male invade her world. Now she must battle to reach the sisters she thought were lost, the humans she is sworn to protect, and for the love of the only man who can make her feel complete. Can Sol learn to except her differences and give herself completely over to the breaking of Blood Dawn?
7. Website and Contact?
my web site is http://www.joiler.weebly.com/ I love to hear from readers regarding my work good or bad. I believe in honesty. It is the only way I can improve my work. My email is jloiler@live.com

Thanks for your time it was my pleasure to share it with you!
JL Oiler


Kathye Quick said...

sounds like a great story. Love the concept.

I wish you glowing reviews and mega-sales

Annie Nicholas said...

Welcome to PR, JL. Nice concept.

Rebecca Royce said...

Thanks for doing this JL!

J Hali said...

JL, welcome to PR, and congrats on so much success. And, ooh, panther shapeshifters--YUM!!!

JL Oiler said...

Thanks for having me!

ashlynn said...

Wonderful Blog JL! I can't wait to read all of your October releases!