Friday, May 13, 2011

It's Friday...

The 13th!
Vampire vs. Vampyre...

The Vampire by Philip Burne-Jones
The same, yet different. One, vampyre, is considered an ‘obsolete’ spelling. A spelling not seen or used often anymore, and that’s why I chose it for my stories. After all, I’m writing about prehistoric cats infected with the bloodlust of vampyres. To use vampire seemed, too new, too American, too normal -- if you can call being a vampyre normal! *grin* It certainly isn’t the first time this spelling’s been used (see John Polidori’s short story The Vampyre), it won’t be the last. I, in fact, use the spelling vampire in a modern day story I’ve written for Razor’s Edge Press. Using vampire felt right for this much more modern story. Okay, I’ve probably thoroughly confused you, so I’ll move on.

Exactly how many other words, phrases, or ways are there to describe the bloodsuckers? Dhampir, Nosferatu, Sanguinarian, plain old Undead. The list goes on, and I didn’t even touch on regional names such as Vrykolakas (Greek), or Strigoi (Romanian).

 How many do you know? Feel free to share or discuss them today --
on Friday, the 13th!

Meanwhile, here’s an unedited snippet from THIRSTY, coming soon to Razor’s Edge Press.

     Another glance around the room quickly changed everything. Red, green, even orange eyes glowed from every dark corner. Holy shit! What had she walked into? She hadn't been afraid to come out on her own because any room full of normal men she could handle, but this?
     Nolan's voice sounded a long way off. "Monique, you've entered the true den of iniquity, we're all unearthly, otherworldly—whatever else humans call us monsters nowadays." His eyes turned various shades of blazing red while he spoke.
     The stories were true. "Umm… I should go." Would he, would they, let her?
     "Every eye trained on you will protect you now until the day you die."
     Her body trembled. "Why?"
     "Because I said so."
     An overwhelming feeling of safety washed through her mind, cleansed the fear that had threatened to blossom out of control. Lord, help me.
     Two pointed teeth gleamed in a quizzical smile. "I won't deny he exists, but it's me, a vampire, that will take care of you here." He tilted his head toward the room, "As will those loyal to me."
     The young man from behind the bar picked that moment to arrive at the table with two beers. Taking a deep breath, she asked Nolan, "Did you read in my mind that I drink beer?"
     Both men laughed heartily.
     The answer came from the bartender. "It's a game we play. I'm Peris, and I own the club."
     "Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you." Her mouth formed an O. "Shit, you can read my mind too?"
     "Baby, we all knew what you wanted, and anyone of us would have gladly given it to you the way you played that beer bottle with your tongue."
     It dawned on her what the game was. "You wanted to watch what I'd do with the bottle in my mouth."
     "Hell, yeah! Definitely gave me ideas of other things that bottle, and that tongue, could be used for."
     Not quite as tall, but more muscular than Nolan, the younger Peris' eyes were whiskey brown with a hint of fire dancing in their depths. Dark, dark hair laced with a reddish hue curled at his neck. A bright, sexy, and genuine, smile showed even white teeth. It was the devilish twinkle in his eyes that sucked her right in. Continuing to laugh, he brushed warm fingers across her shoulders. Moni shuddered beneath their touch. Not afraid… wait a minute. "Who's controlling me now?"
     Nolan chuckled, reached for her hand, and pulling it to his lips, he planted a moist kiss in the palm. "I only took your fear away. Your thoughts, fantasies, and ideas, which, by the way I love, are yours. You can leave anytime, and you'd be safer than when you walked through the door." A wide grin spread across his face. "Plus, I don't think controlling you would be an easy thing to do, and I'm the best there is at doing just that."
     Unable to do otherwise, Moni relaxed, felt damn good in fact. Two of the hottest men she'd ever seen in her life, and both were touching her. Fantasies didn't get any better.
     "Ah, but they do. I haven't tasted or fucked that sweet pussy yet." His eyes, blue again, bore into her. "Everyone of yours will come true tonight."
     The hand on her shoulder scorched her skin. "Ouch!"
     Nolan's look shot fire at the man beside her. "Peris, you forget yourself?"
     "Not at all. Omen's is mine, I only let you play here."
     "Son-of-a-bitch! You want her?"
     Turning to Peris, Moni's breath left her body in a whoosh. "What the…"
     Nolan's eerily soft laughter filled the club. "Meet the son of Satan."
     Hells bells, she was truly fucked now.

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out.-© J. Hali Steele

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